07/24/2017 OWF Event #128

OWF Event #128 July 24, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio The show opened with Deshaun Reed and Michael Graham. Deshaun had successfully defended his OWF Title at FFP Mid-Summer Classic, although he hit Kade Haddix with an illegal low blow to hit his finisher. Deshaun and Michael bragged about Deshaun’s victory, having their own victory celebration. But […]

07/17/2017 OWF Event #127

OWF Event #127 July 17, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio The show opened up with the OWF Commissioner Duncan Wright. Duncan announced that at the FFP vs OWF special on July 28th, that the FFP Adrenaline Champion ATM would be facing off against the OWF Network Champion JJ Perry. The crowd gave this a huge ovation, and […]

07/10/2017 OWF Event #126

OWF Event #126 July 10, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio The show opened up with the OWF Champion Deshaun Reed, along with Michael Graham. Deshaun and Michael talked about his OWF Title defense at FFP Mid-Summer Classic against Nick Novak and Kade Haddix. Reed guaranteed victory, saying that neither opponent has the skill set to beat him […]

06/26/2017 OWF Event #125

OWF #125 June 26, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio The show opened up with the OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control being led out by their manager Gary Kearns. Gary took a microphone and said that there needed to be new competition in the OWF, because Population Control had won the Tag Team Titles and defended against […]

Three More Matches Announced for OWF #125!

Monday night the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present OWF #125! And three new matches have been announced for this epic event. Let’s take a look! Nick Novak will take on Kade Haddix to determine the new number one contender for the OWF Championship. That’s right! Whoever wins this match will go on to challenge either […]

OWF Returns Next Monday with OWF #125!

Next Monday night the Ohio Wrestling Federation comes home to Cincinnati, Ohio. After touring with Full Force Pro in the United Kingdom, OWF returns to it’s regular Monday night schedule. OWF has reached another milestone, with OWF #125. And two matches have already been signed for this homecoming event. Loyal OWF fans who make it […]

06/05/2017 OWF #124 (Live from Scotland)

OWF Event #124 June 5, 2017 Glasgow, Scotland Three Way Dance Rebelle Graye vs Kyra Byrne vs Courtney Kennedy One Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20-Second Count Out A hard hitting match all the way around. Courtney Kennedy was the first eliminated by Kyra Byrne with a running powerbomb. Rebelle Graye then got the […]