Preview for Tomorrow Night’s OWF #70


Tomorrow night is the Ohio Wrestling Federation’s 70th show! And on that show we will have four title matches, as well as titles being vacated, and other matches as well. Here is a little preview of the action you will witness tomorrow night live from Cincinnati!

One of the OWF’s newest woman wrestlers, Carrie Kilgore, who made it to the finals of the OWF Women’s Winter Class Tournament only to lose to Cosmic Cupcake, will take on Kenzie Anderson. Anderson, who has been in the OWF since the beginning, doesn’t want to give up a spot to a new girl so quickly. Will Kenzie shut down the rookie?

Speaking of rookie vs veteran, we have another matchup pitting them against each other. The winner of the OWF Women’s Winter Class Tournament Cosmic Cupcake and former OWF Women’s Champion “Baby” Jo Messi have been at odds for the past few weeks. Tomorrow at OWF 70 they will have the chance to go at it once more. Can Cupcake prove she belongs at the top of the OWF Women’s Division?

Former ALS Tag Team Champions Marty Reaper and Jason O’Reilly will look to end Guided by Voices’ OWF Tag Team Title reign tomorrow night in Cincinnati. Can the agile tag team walk away with the gold?

Caitlin Cruz defeated Dani Rawlings but many say that the only reason Caitlin won was because of interference by Aubrey Moresi, who has been feuding with Dani since their days in the OWF Winter Training Class. Will Caitlin prove that her last victory wasn’t because of the interference and earn herself a shot at the OWF Women’s Title, or will Dani’s affiliation with Self Made help her come out victorious?

Valentin Gutierrez impressed many by defeating Blaine Edwards for the OWF Network Title, and has continued putting on electrifying matches defending the title. OWF fan favorite Matt Thatcher will get a shot to take the title away from Valentin like he did from Blaine. Can Thatcher walk away the new champion?

Amy Kraven has come close to defeating Giovanni Gotch for the OWF Women’s Championship. Amy has dreamt of holding this title for as long as the OWF has been in existence. Will she be able to fulfill her dream? Or will Giovanni find a way to walk away the champion yet again?

And in the main event tomorrow night, Alexander Theodore Morrison will put the OWF Championship on the line in a Sudden Death Four Way Match against Attila, Tigre Blanco and Hayden Flowers. ATM continues to find ways to retain his title, whether it be due to interference from Beatrice Keenan, Dexter Murdoch or anyone else. Will he be able to continue his title reign against three different men…where ATM doesn’t even have to be involved in the ending? The odds are definitely stacked against the champion. It will be a very interesting match!


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