05/30/2016 OWF Event #72

OWF Event #72
May 31, 2016 | Indianapolis, Indiana

The show began with Alexander T Morrison asking Damien Bishop to come to the ring. The two would go at it in the main event. But as Bishop climbed into the ring, Dexter Murdoch came down. ATM and Dexter then attacked Bishop, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Kenny Bench vs Kyle Dawkins

Kyle Dawkins put up one hell of a fight, but the big man Kenny Bench took the victory with a big powerslam.

The scene cut backstage where Dirk Vaughn was getting ready for his tournament match. As he walked through the hallway of the arena Blaine Edwards came out of nowhere and nailed him with a hard clothesline. Blaine continued the beating until security intervened. Blaine had been suspended for a fight with Dirk Vaugh at the OWF Training Center.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Izzy Laroo vs Jasmin

A very fast paced and exciting match. Both girls showed off their high flying skills. Jasmin hit a running powerbomb that almost got her the three count. Instead Izzy Laroo fought back and hit an impressive top rope hurricanrana for the pinfall.

The scene cut backstage where Malaya Diyosa was walking down a hallway. Cappadonna approached. They went face-to-face but OWF security quickly intervened. No physicality was exhanged.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Cody Ricker vs Dirk Vaughn

Beatrice Keenan came out and announced that Dirk Vaughn was in no condition to compete tonight. She said that she would address Blaine Edwards’ actions later. Cody Ricker won the match due to Dirk not being able to wrestle.

OWF Network Title
(c) Matt Thatcher vs Connor Campbell

A very exciting match for the crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana. Connor Campbell hit some big moves on the champion, including a Brainbuster and a flying knee off the middle rope. But things turned around for Matt when he hit an awesome lariat. Thatcher followed it up with the Falcon Arrow and pinned Campbell for the victory.

In the Ring
The new OWF Women’s Champion Amy Kraven came out to the ring. The crowd gave her a huge ovation as she climbed into the ring with the Women’s Title strapped around her waist. Amy thanked the crowd for their support. She thanked her brother Matt for the opportunity he had l given her and wished him the best of luck in his retirement.

Amy said that no matter who she had to defend the title against that she would do everything she could to put on the best matches for the OWF crowd, and remain the OWF Women’s Champion. As Amy continued talking to her fans, the lights flickered. As she looked around seeming confused, three women entered the ring. Amy turned around only to be completely blindsided by them. They pummeled her to the mat, hitting her with kicks, stomps, knees, punched and more. They pulled her up and planted her with a a double DDT. One of the three ladies climbed onto the middle turnbuckle and proceeded to hit a missile dropkick. Finally they planted Amy with a triple powerbomb and stood over the new champion. But the question still remained, who were these young ladies?

Alexander T Morrison w/ Self Made vs Damien Bishop
Damien Bishop came down still obviously sore from the beating earlier in the night. ATM began picking the rookie apart, working on one of his long legs hoping to keep the big man grounded.

Damien saw a flash of offense which brought Dexter Murdoch up onto the apron, but he ate a big boot for his trouble. Dexter fell to the arena floor, unfortunately landing right on Beatrice Keenan. ATM floored Damien with a clothesline and noticed his girlfriend lying on the arena floor. As he went to check on her Damien Bishop hit ATM in the back from behind. He pulled him into the middle of the ring and delivered a big chokeslam. Bishop then hooked ATM’s leg and got the three count. He earned himself a future OWF Title shot!

After the match ATM rolled out of the ring and checked on Beatrice. The show came to an end as Damien stood proud in the center of the ring.


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