06/06/2016 OWF Event #73

OWF Event #73
June 6, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with the new OWF Tag Team Champions Guided by Voices, who surprisingly won the titles back at a FFP Live Event on Saturday. They talked about how they are the greatest tag team in Ohio Wrestling Federation history.

Cappadonna vs Kendra Lopez
Kendra Lopez showed a lot of skill, but Cappadonna was too much for the rookie. However, Malaya Diyosa came out and distracted Cappadonna which led to Lopez stealing a victory.

After the match Cappadonna tore into Malaya, getting the best of her former stable leader.

The scene cut backstage where Beatrice Keenan spoke about Alexander T Morrison’s OWF Title match with Damien Bishop. She announced that it would take place at OWF 75 in a couple weeks.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Men’s Semifinals Round
Cody Ricker vs Kenny Bench

A hard hitting match with Kenny Bench using his size advantage. Cody used his speed and a well times thumb to the eye to get the best of Kenny, dropping him with a Stunner for the three count. He would advance to the finals of the tournament.


OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Women’s Semifinals Round
Lanie Robinson vs Jackie Royal

A fast paced matchup. Jackie Royal got a bye in the opening round, but even with the week off, it wasn’t enough. Lanie Robinson hooked Jackie in the Black Widow and made her submit.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Women’s Semifinals Round
Stephie Martinez vs Izzy Laroo

Izzy Laroo showed the fight she has in her for being a cute little blonde. But Stephie Martinez showed the skills that she possesses in the squared circle. Izzy hit an awesome cross body block for a two count. But Stephie fought back and caught Laroo by surprise with a backslide for the three count.

After the match the two girls shook hands. There was obvious mutual respect there.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Men’s Semifinals Round
Trey Hawkins vs Alyx Woods

A very fast paced and very athletic match. The Cincinnati crowd was completely in love with this match. Close two counts all over the place. Trey hit a dropkick and a suicide dive in Alyx. Alyx fought back hitting a wheelbarrow facebuster for a two count. He went up top for a five star frog splash, but Trey rolled out of the way. Hawkins then hit an inverted hurricanrana on Alyx that looked extremely dangerous. He pulled Alyx up onto his shoulders and hit a fireman’s carry dropped into a roundhouse kick for the three count.

After the match the two men shook hands. Alyx wishes Trey luck in the finals.

OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles
Dani Rawlings & Roxi Haacke vs Maaike Garza & Raakel

Dani and Roxi seemed to have good chemistry. The question remained if Roxi had joined Self Made. Roxi’s power nearly won her team the match after hitting a big powerslam, but Maaike kicked out at two. The former ALS Women’s a Tag Team Champions fought back, and proved that their advantage was their experience as a tag team. They cut the ring in half. Raakel hit an impressive Spanish fly on Dani Rawlings for the three count. The OWF’s vacated Women’s Tag Team Titles had finally found a home!

strong>Blaine Edwards vs Dirk Vaughn
This match was set because of Blaine’s attack on Dirk. Apparently Dirk had made advances on Izzy Laroo who was Blaine’s girlfriend.

This match was violent. A lot of punches thrown. As Dirk seemed to take the upperhand after a questionable shot to Blaine’s stomach, Izzy came down to the ring. Dirk planted Blaine with a DDT and turned his attention to the blonde. As he harassed her, Blaine got back to his feet, and dished out some punishment to his rival. After chops, kicks and wild punches Blaine hit Dirk with an awesome powerbomb. He went up to the middle rope and hit a flying knee drop to Dirk’s face. Then, he did the same thing again.

Blaine now hooked Dirk into the Crossface and the referee called for the bell, due to Dirk losing consciousness.

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness three separate battle royals to award Triple-A Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler, one to a female FFP wrestler, and for the first time one to an OWF wrestler!

In the Ring
The scene cut back to ringside where the OWF Women’s Champion Amy Kraven came down to the ring. With the title on her shoulder, she came out and called out her attackers from last week, Nagasaki Blood.

Ruriko, Namika and Mirai came out and surrounded Amy in the ring. Amy said that they were cowards and that one-on-one Amy would take any one of them down. But as she spoke, Nagasaki Blood attacked, destroying the champion. Ruriko obviously was the leader, calling all the shots. Eventually they beat Amy down with her title and stood over her, holding the OWF Women’s Championship up in the air.

Cosmic Cupcake and Aubrey Moresi quickly rushed to the ring and the threesome quickly exited. Cupcake and Aubrey checked on Amy as the show came to an end.


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