06/13/2016 OWF Event #74

OWF Event #74
June 13, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with the OWF Women’s Champion Amy Kraven coming to the ring with her friends Aubrey Moresi and Cosmic Cupcake. Amy called out the trio that had been a thorn in her side for a couple weeks now, Nagasaki Blood.

The trio came out and stood toe to toe with Amy and her backup. Amy challenged the group to a three-on-three tag team match later tonight. The trio accepted the challenge.

Tamatoas vs Marty Reaper & Jason O’Reilly
A very exciting match that saw the Tamatoas pull out the victory after Kanoa hit Marty with a Fisherman Brainbuster.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was joined by the number one contender for the OWF Championship, Damien Bishop. Bishop talked about how next week in England that he would take ATM down and become the new champion. He said that ATM could only win with the help of Self Made, and that Damien Bishop was a loner, and was ready and willing to do whatever it takes to win the OWF Title.

Malaya Diyosa vs Cappadonna
This was a violent match that saw the fight almost immediately go to the outside of the ring. As the referee began his 20-count, the two former tag partners destroyed each other on the outside. Cappadonna dug her own grave going for a hard clothesline to Malaya but missing. Malaya dodged the clothesline and Capp slammed her arm up against the steel ring post. Malaya forced Cappadonna into the ring where she hit her with an armbreaker. She then hooked Cappadonna in an armbar for the submission victory.

After the match OWF medical staff came out to tend to Cappadonna.


OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Women’s Final
Stephie Martinez vs Lanie Robinson

Another fast paced match. The Cincinnati crowd loved both of these women. Stephie hit a couple of beautiful high flying moves. But so did Lanie. The end came when Stephie went for a springboard dropkick, but Lanie dodged. Stephie crashed to the mat below. Lanie then hooked Stephie into the Black Widow and forced her to submit. Lanie Robinson won the OWF Spring Training Class Women’s Tournament!

In the Ring
Hayden Flowers now came out to the ring. He said that it seems like the wind had left his sails in the OWF, but that he was still here and ready for any opportunity given to him. Hayden said that whether it be the OWF Title or the OWF Network Title that he felt he had the ability to hold either belt and make a damn good champion.

As Hayden spoke, Connor Campbell came down to the ring. Dressed in a nice suit, Connor told Hayden that the reason that the wind had left his sails was because he was a loser. Connor said that he was the better wrestler and said that if Hayden had the guts he would prove it next week at OWF 75. Hayden asked Connor if he was so good, why had he never held a title here although he had been here since the very beginning. Connor took exception of Hayden’s comment and blindsided him with a fist to the head. Hayden stumbled backward and Connor tore into him. Campbell took Hayden down and repeatedly punched him in the nose. He then pulled Hayde up and planted him with the Campbell Crusher.

OWF Spring Training Class Tournament | Men’s Final
Cody Ricker vs Trey Hawkins

Also a fast paced match with both men coming off the top rope several times. Cody Ricker definitely had the technical wrestling ability over Trey, but Hawkins brought it to another level with his speed and high flying abilities. Trey wound up getting the best of Cody with a superkick. He then hoisted Cody up and hit a fireman’s carry dropped into a roundhouse kick for the three count. Trey Hawkins was the OWF Spring Training Class Men’s Tournament winner!

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness three separate battle royals to award Triple-A Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler, one to a female FFP wrestler, and for the first time one to an OWF wrestler!

Six-Woman Tag Team Match
Amy Kraven, Aubrey Moresi & Cosmic Cupcake vs Nagasaki Blood

A hard hitting match which obviously saw Amy Kraven wanting to get revenge on the trio known as Nagasaki Blood. Amy and her group tore into the group, but Nagasaki Blood didn’t go quietly. Ruriko was obviously the leader and the most experienced girl. She really took the fight to all three members of Amy’s team.

Namika ate a running big boot courtesy of Cosmic Cupcake, then a hard German suplex. Aubrey used her technical skills to continue working Namika down. Mirai got the tag and used her speed to get the best of Aubrey. That is until Aubrey nearly turned her inside out with a clothesline. Aubrey then tagged Amy in.

As Amy looked to be closing in on a victory, Ruriko and Namika quickly entered the ring again. They attacked Amy, picking her apart. Cosmic Cupcake and Aubrey Moresi tried to rush into the ring, but both were hit with two-on-one attacks and tossed to the arena floor. After a triple powerbomb to the OWF Women’s Champion, Nagasaki Blood left.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with Alexander T Morrison. She asked Morrison about his match next week with Damien Bishop. ATM talked about how he was not worried about the challenge that Bishop would bring him next week in the United Kingdom. In fact, ATM guaranteed victory.

OWF Network Title
(c) Matt Thatcher vs Caligula

Caligula was no stranger to holding titles, being the only active OWF wrestler to have held a FFP Championship. He used his speed to attempt to pick apart Matt Thatcher. However, Thatcher’s strength and size was too much for Caligula. After a solid 20 minutes, Thatcher hit the Falcon Arrow for the pinfall. He had retained his title.

But after the match as Matt was awarded his title, the lights in the arena went black. And a message appeared on the screen.

“OWF will SUCCUMB soon…”


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