06/27/2016 OWF Event #76

OWF Event #76
June 27, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened with Self Made coming down to the ring. ATM with his OWF Title on his shoulder. They talked about his it had looked like Hayden Flowers had won the title in the UK, but that unfortunately for him the decision had to be reversed. Beatrice said that she will gladly grant Hayden a rematch with ATM very soon because she felt absolutely terrible that she had to reverse the decision.

Tamatoas vs Dixon Boys w/ Levi Blake
The Dixon Boys pulled out the win with outside interference from their mentor Levi Blake.

Ruriko vs Cosmic Cupcake
A very solid match with a Cupcake looking to take the victory, but the rest of Nagasaki Blood interfered forcing the referee to disqualify Ruriko.

As the trio began to attack Cosmic Cupcake, Amy Kraven and Aubrey Moresi stormed the ring and chased the group off.

The scene cut backstage where Beatrice Keenan announced that Nagasaki Blood’s leader Ruriko would face Amy Kraven next week for the OWF Women’s Title.

Alyx Woods & Cody Ricker vs Marty Reaper & Jason O’Reilly
A very technical wrestling match that the Cincinnati crowd loved. The rookies put on a great show, but Marty Reaper hit an awesome 450 Splash in Cody for the three count.

In the Ring
Hayden Flowers came out. He said that Beatrice’s reasoning was ridiculous and demanded that he get a shot at the OWF Title tonight. Dexter Murdoch came out and attacked Hayden. Flowers put up a great fight against the big man, but ended up flattened by ATM’s bodyguard. Beatrice then came out and granted Hayden’s rematch for next week at OWF 77.

Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match
Mateo Chavez vs Tigre Blanco

Another outstanding OWF main event. Tigre Blanco took the first fall. However Mateo took the next two to win the matchup. A lariat with his first fall and a running crucifix powerbomb for the second.

After the match the two men shook hands as the crowd cheered.


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