07/25/2016 OWF Event #80

OWF Event #80
July 25, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with Beatrice Keenan coming out and talking about ATM’s failed attempt to win the OWF Title last night at the Mid-Summer Classic. She asked why ATM decided to shake Hayden’s hand. ATM said it was because Hayden put up one hell of a fight and ATM gained respect for him.

Beatrice rolled her eyes, accusing ATM of getting soft. He told her that he isn’t get soft but knows talent and most importantly heart when he sees it. Beatrice then told ATM that he has a chance to prove it tonight when he faces Connor Campbell.

Juno Frost vs Zoey Kiehl
A very competitive match between two up and comers in the OWF. Juno hit a tornado DDT for a two count. She went for her Tornado Codebreaker on Zoey, but her dark haired opponent broke free and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the pin.

After the match Juno attacked Zoey from behind, this time successfully hitting her with the Tornado Codebreaker.

In the Ring
Amy Kraven and Aubrey Moresi came down to the ring. The two fan favorites said that they wanted to face the winner of tonight’s OWF Women’s Tag Team Title match.

They were interupted by the OWF Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings and Roxi Haacke, who also claimed to want the same opportunity. The two teams agreed on a number one contender match next Monday at OWF 81.

Malakai vs Dirk Vaughn
A fast paced match which saw Malakai showing off his speed and high flying skills. Blaine Edwards came down to cause a distraction. Malakai then hit his finisher, You Didn’t Learn That in School for the pin.

OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Maaike Garza & Raakel vs Satsujin

Another fast paced match that saw back and forth action. The Cincinnati crowd was into it from the beginning to the end. A miscommunication lead to Malaya accidentally clotheslining Cappadonna which led to Maaike hitting the Ki Krusher for the three count. Maaike and Raakel retained their titles.

ATM w/ Self Made vs Connor Campbell
The main event had a big fight feel to it. ATM was ready to prove they be was not getting soft. Meanwhile, Connor Campbell needed a high profile win to catapult himself possibly into the OWF Title picture.

ATM used his power and technical abilities to work Connor down. However Connor had the speed advantage. He hit a springboard DDT out of nowhere that got him a close two count.

As the match raged on, Dexter Murdoch slid into the ring. Connor sized the big man up. Meanwhile ATM instructed Dexter to get out of the ring. Beatrice now climbed into the ring, probably to try to maintain order between her group.

However she proceeded to hit ATM from behind with a low blow. The referee quickly called for the bell. The Cincinnati crowd was shocked as Connor Campbell and Dexter Murdoch beat the former OWF Champion down. Beatrice cheered the two men on as her now ex-boyfriend lie on the mat. Dexter flattened him with a couple of big leg drops before Connor pulled ATM up and planted him with the Campbell Crusher.

Beatrice wrapped her arms around Connor and kissed him. He stood over ATM’s motionless body as Beatrice raised his arm in the air. It was obvious that ATM was now out of Self Made, and Connor Campbell was in.


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