08/01/2016 OWF Event #81

OWF Event #81
August 1, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show started out with the OWF Tag Team Champions Guided by Voices, who are also members of Self Made. They talked about how they are the best tag team that the OWF hasn’t ever seen.

The Tamatoas came out and said that if they had a fair shot against Guided by Voices that they would no doubt beat them for the titles. Trash talk broke out leading to the teams agreeing on a title match next week at OWF 82.

Carrie Kilgore vs Cosmic Cupcake
A rematch from the OWF Winter Class Women’s Tournament finals saw these two girls go at it. Just like last time, it was a very physical match. However, unlike last time, Carrie Kilgore hit Cupcake with the Stunner for the three count.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis speaking with Zoey Kiehl on her victory over Juno Frost last week. Juno interrupted, talking about how she beat Zoey down after the match and that she was better.

They agreed to face off next week at OWF 82.

OWF Network Title
(c) Blaine Edwards vs Malakai

Malakai had defeated Dirk Vaughn last week although Blaine came out and distracted Dirk. A back and forth match which saw Dirk come down to cause a distraction. Blaine, who had the upperhand in the match, slid to the outside and attacked Dirk. Malakai eventually hit a big dive to the outside taking down both men. He sent Blaine back inside, however Edwards wound up hitting Malakai with the Tiger Driver for the three count.

After the match Dirk slid back into the ring and tore into Blaine. He beat him down, hitting kicks and stomps. Then, Blaine’s girlfriend Izzy Laroo came out to assist her boyfriend. She shoved Dirk away and began checking on Blaine. However, in a disgusting act Dirk grabbed Izzy by her hair, pulled her up and planted her with the Evenflow DDT.

#1 Contenders Match
Amy Kraven & Aubrey Moresi vs Dani Rawlings & Roxi Haacke

Another back and forth match for the Cincinnati crowd. Amy and Aubrey worked very well as a tag team. However so did Dani and Roxi. Roxi used her power to get the best of both opponents. But Amy and Aubrey had the advantage in speed and technical wrestling.

Dani tied Aubrey into the ropes and began beating her down. The referee stopped the action to get Aubrey free from the ropes. But off of the distraction, Dani took possession of her OWF Women’s Championship and leveled Amy Kraven with it. Roxi the hoisted Amy up and hit the Running Powerslam for the victory.

Backstage Francine Davis was joined by the newest OWF woman wrestler, Amber Moxley. Amber hyped that next week she would make her OWF debut against Lady Stella. She said that she was close friends with Lizzy Kraven and had been working with Lizzy. She said she couldn’t wait to debut and show the world her skills.

OWF Title
(c) Hayden Flowers vs Connor Campbell w/ Self Made

The newest member of Self Made, and Beatrice’s new boyfriend Connor Campbell had his sights on the OWF Championship. But Hayden Flowers wasn’t going to give it up without a fight.

It wasn’t long before Self Made got involved. Although Hayden singlehandedly got the best both members of Guided by Voices.

Connor took advantage of the distraction and attacked Hayden from behind, even planting him with the Campbell Crusher. But Hayden kicked out at two. Next, Dexter Murdoch began climbing into the ring, while Beatrice Keenan distracted the ref. But her distraction was counter productive as former Self Made member ATM charged the ring with a steel chair.

ATM cleaned house, cracking both members of Guided by Voices, Dexter Murdoch and Connor Campbell with the steel chair. Beatrice tried to get the referee to stop paying attention to her and pay attention to the action in the ring, but he demanded she get off the ring apron.

Hayden Flowers then climbed to the top rope and hit the Frog Splash on Connor for the three count. Hayden Flowers retained the championship with the unlikely help of Alexander T Morrison.

Self Made retreated, with Beatrice screaming, saying that Hayden and ATM wouldn’t get the last laugh and that Self Made would prevail.


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