08/22/2016 OWF Event #84

OWF Event #84
August 22, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began the OWF Network Champion Dirk Vaughn. Dirk spoke about last week when Blaine shoved Izzy down. He said that that kind of abuse toward women should not be tolerated in the OWF. Dirk said that he and Izzy had spoken to a lawyer and they were in the process of getting a restraining order against Blaine. Dirk said he had spoken to Beatrice Keenan as well and tonight she decided to go ahead and have Blaine go home just to keep from any conflict.

Next the scene cut backstage to Francine Davis who was standing by with Kenzie Anderson. Kenzie was talking about how she had laid low and was ready to climb the ladder in the OWF. Kenzie said that next week at OWF 85 that she would issue an open challenge.

Trey Hawkins vs Malakai
Fast paced match that had Malakai walk away the winner with his finisher You Didn’t Learn That in School.

After the match the two men shook hands and embraced.

Izzy Laroo vs Zoey Kiehl
Izzy Laroo had a little bit of a speed advantage but Zoey Kiehl had the in ring experience and won the match with the Blue Thunder Bomb.

After the match Juno Frost rushed the ring and attacked Zoey. Juno stood over Zoey and placed her foot on her back, standing victorious over her and rival.

Mateo Chavez vs Matt Thatcher
A very technical match between two extremely talented wrestlers. Mateo locked Thatcher in a Texas Cloverleaf that seemed like it could be the end. But Thatcher fought out. Matt ended up putting an end to the match by hitting Chavez with the Falcon Arrow for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where the Commissioner of the OWF Beatrice Keenan was with Malakai and Trey Hawkins. She told them that she was impressed by them both and wanted to see them compete as a tag team at OWF 85 next week.

Amber Moxley vs Juno Frost
Another really good technical wrestling match. Juno looked really good but Amber also saw flashes of offense. Juno Frost began making a comeback after dropping Amber neck first on the middle rope. But the match came to an end when Zoey Kiehl rushed to the ring and pummeled Juno down. The two girls brawled around ringside before Zoey nearly speared Juno through the steel guardrail.


OWF Women’s Title
(c) Dani Rawlings vs Lanie Robinson

The very cocky Dani Rawlings toyed with the OWF rookie, although on two separate occasions her cocky behavior nearly cost her the match. Once by missing Lanie and crashing into the corner, then being rolled up in a school boy pin. The second time by getting caught in a tight small package for a two count.

Dani used her aggravation to beat the challenger down, but a new distraction came. It was the presence of Amy Kraven and Aubrey Moresi. Dani mouthed off with two of her most bitter rivals.

Dani turned and knocked the challenger back down again before saying one more thing to Amy and Aubrey. But when she turned back around she was surprised by a Superkick. Lanie hooked Dani’s leg. 1…2… And Dani barely kicked out. Lanie then grabbed Dani and set her up for her finisher, the Black Widow. Dani was in pain. But she used her experience to turn the move into a crazy roll up pin and got the three count, escaping the match with her championship.

OWF Tag Team Titles
(c) Tamatoas vs Dixon Boys

The Tamatoas brought a good technical wrestling experience to the ring, but this match was a brawl. These two teams had been in an on-again off-again feud since graduating together from the OWF Training Center. Kanoa Tamatoa hit a big splash off the top on Tucker Dixon for the pinfall.

The scene cut backstage where Beatrice Keenan announced that at OWF 85 that Matt Thatcher would take on Mateo Chavez in a beat two-out-of-three falls match!

Winner Faces Roxi Haacke Next
Amy Kraven vs Aubrey Moresi

A very technical and very respectful wrestling match. Both women tried to pull out all the stops, but kept the match respectful. Aubrey hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Amy for a two count. Amy fought back hitting a dropkick off the middle rope. She followed it up with a swinging neckbreaker and a camel clutch.

Aubrey continued her fight, fighting out of the submission and planting Amy with a spinebuster. Aubrey went to the middle rope and hit a tornado DDT. She went back to the ropes, with Amy in hand. She set Amy up for a powerbomb from the middle rope, but Kraven turned it into a hurricanrana. As Aubrey got back up Amy charged, going for a running knee. But Aubrey dodged and caught Amy with a German Suplex. She followed that up with a shining wizard. Aubrey hooked Amy’s leg. 1…2… And Amy kicked out! Aubrey couldn’t believe it.

Aubrey pulled Amy up and set her up on the top turnbuckle. She went up into the ropes as well and attempted a top rope hurricanrana. But somehow Amy out the breaks on, keeping a hold of Moresi. Amy then followed it up with a Kraven Klash from the middle rope. The Cincinnati crowd couldn’t believe it. Amy hooked Aubrey’s leg and got the three count.

The crowd gave the ladies a loud ovation. Both women lie there, spent. However, Amy’s night wasn’t over. Roxi Haacke now made her way out to the ring. She climbed in and tossed Aubrey through the ropes. It was going to be Roxi Haacke vs Amy Kraven to become #1 contender to Dani’s Women’s Championship.

#1 Contender Match
Amy Kraven vs Roxi Haacke

Roxi showed her muscles, taunting Aubrey who she had just tossed out of the ring. However when she turned around she was blasted by an Amy Kraven Superkick. Kraven then hooked Roxi into the Dragon Clutch. Roxi stretched and reached, trying to get to the ropes. But she couldn’t get there. She tried to break Amy’s grip, but she couldn’t. Finally, she tapped out.

Aubrey Moresi slid back into the ring and wrapped Amy in a hug. Obviously if she didn’t get the opportunity, she wanted to see her friend get it. Amy would take in Dani Rawlings at OWF 85 for the title that Dani won from Amy.

As Amy and Aubrey stood proudly in the ring, Dani walked out into the stage. She simply stood proud, holding the OWF Women’s Championship in the air.


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