09/08/2016 OWF Event #86

OWF Event #86
September 8, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with the OWF Network Champion Dirk Vaughn with his girlfriend Izzy Laroo. He was interrupted via satellite by Blaine Edwards, demanding his rematch. Dirk laughed at Blaine, telling him that he still had the restraining order on Blaine. But Blaine corrected Dirk, saying that it was Izzy who has the restraining order on Blaine, not Dirk. Blaine then revealed that he had spoken with Veronica Clyne, and next week he would be facing Dirk for the Network Title, and Izzy would be banned from the arena.

Dani Rawlings vs Cosmic Cupcake
Dani showed a lot of aggression after losing her Women’s Championship to Amy Kraven last week. After taking some abuse, Cupcake really turned the match around in her favor. When it seemed Cupcake had Dani beat, Roxi Haacke rushed to ringside and pulled at the referee’s foot to break the pin count. Following the distraction, Dani hit Cupcake with her Diving Bulldog for the three count.

After the match Dani and Roxi stood proud over Cosmic Cupcake, obviously completely ignoring the fact that it took a distraction to get the best of Cupcake.

OWF Tag Team Championships
(c) The Tamatoas vs Malakai and Trey Hawkins

An exciting match that saw multiple close calls. Just as Malakai nailed Kalino with his finisher, the You Didn’t Learn That in School, and went for what was sure to be the three count, the match reached the 30 minute time limit and was brought to an end. Therefore, The Tamatoas retained their titles.

In the Ring
In the ring, Francine Davis was standing by the OWF Women’s Champion, Amy Kraven. She congratulated Amy on regaining the title, but mainly focused on the surprise return of Kraven’s former partner, Chloe Banks, and the brutal attack that took place. Amy said she was ecstatic to be Women’s Champion again, but was heartbroken over what Chloe did to her and felt incredibly betrayed. Amy tried to go on to further address Chloe, but was surprised to find out that Chloe had made her way through the crowd, over the barricade, and into the ring by then. Chloe attacked Amy from behind and viciously beat her down, dropping Amy with the Electric Chair Driver as the final blow. As Amy lie motionless, Chloe picked up the OWF Women’s Championship and held it up high before dropping it down on Amy’s body.

The scene cut backstage where Dirk Vaughn was talking to Beatrice Keenan. Dirk was telling Beatrice that Blaine going over her head to Veronica made her look weak, and incompetent. Beatrice agreed with Dirk, saying she would take care of everything.

OWF Championship
(c) Hayden Flowers vs Mateo Chavez

Hayden and Mateo showed respect at the beginning of the match before really going at it. Near fall after near fall, Mateo set Hayden up for the Death Valley Driver, but Hayden reversed into a Victory Roll to retain his title.

After the match, Connor Campbell came rushing down and began stalking the exhausted champion for an attack, but Alexander T. Morrison made the save before Connor could make a move. ATM raised Hayden’s hand and joined the celebration as Connor fled the scene.


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