09/12/2016 OWF Event #87

OWF Event #87
September 12, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with the OWF Network Champion Dirk Vaughn speaking with Beatrice Keenan. He was demanding that Izzy Laroo be allowed to come to the ring with him for his Network Title match against Blaine Edwards. Beatrice said that she checked into it, but she couldn’t change the ruling made by the FFP President Veronica Clyne.

Dirk left the office obviously not happy that he would have to face Blaine one-on-one.

OWF Women’s Tag Team Championship
(c) Dani Rawlings & Roxi Haacke vs Cosmic Cupcake & Lanie Robinson

Dani and Roxi were very strategic in this match. Cosmic Cupcake and Lanie Robinson enjoyed moments of having the upperhand, but honestly, the inexperience of Lanie Robinson was the downfall of her and Cupcake’s chances. After Roxi destroyed Lanie with an awesome lariat, she planted her with a powerbomb. Roxi then tagged Dani in who hooked Lanie’s leg and got the three count.


OWF Network Championship | Izzy Laroo Banned from Ringside
(c) Dirk Vaughn vs Blaine Edwards

Izzy Laroo had been banned from ringside for this match, and although the ruling was done by Veronica Clyne, Beatrice Keenan seemed to be looking for a way to allow Izzy to come down to ringside. However, Beatrice didn’t want to go against Veronica Clyne because she was the President of Full Force Pro.

Blaine came out on fire, looking impressive. The Cincinnati crowd loved seeing Blaine put a hurting on Dirk. After months of torment, Blaine finally was able to get his hands on Dirk, and teach him a lesson. As Blaine seemed to be getting close to setting Dirk up for the Tiger Drive, Beatrice Keenan herself came down to ringside. She climbed onto the apron and requested the official meet her. Apprehensively, he approached the boss. Meanwhile, the former OWF Tag Team Champions and Self Made members Guided by Voices rushed the ring from the audience. They pummeled Blaine down, hitting him with punches and kicks before planting him with a double brainbuster suplex. The tag team then drug Dirk’s body over top of Blaine’s. Beatrice let the referee get back to officiating and he had no choice but to count Blaine’s shoulders to the mat.

OWF Tag Team Championship
(c) Tamatoas vs Malakai & Trey Hawkins

A very entertaining, impressive and exciting matchup for the Cincinnati crowd. Both teams were extremely well liked by the fans who had trouble cheering for just one team. After 20 solid minutes of wrestling, the Tamatoas took care of business after Kanoa hit Trey Hawkins with a Death Valley Driver. Kalino then tagged in and hit a flying headbutt for the three count.

After the match both teams shook hands and embraced. The crowd chanted, “One more match, one more match” as the teams left the ring together.

Live on September 25 in San Francisco, Full Force Pro presents Lethal Injection! Join us as we see the likes of Daniel Matthews, Brandi Moore, Anarchy and more! Also just announced, Masina will take on The Queendom in a handicap match, Giovanni Gotch will face off against Lizzy Kraven and FFP Hall of Famer Taylor Clawson will battle Cindy Laber! Also, the FFP Adrenaline Title will be on the line when Odell Porter defends against Deshaun Reed!

OWF Women’s Championship
(c) Amy Kraven vs Chloe Banks

A very hard hitting matchup with Chloe Banks getting the early advantage when she leveled Amy Kraven with a hard boot to the face as Amy entered the ring. The referee gave Amy the choice of having him disqualify Chloe, but Amy wouldn’t have it. She wanted to face off against her former partner.

Amy definitely had the technical skill over Chloe, but Banks seemed to be a little more powerful when squaring off. Amy worked on Chloe’s leg the entire match while Chloe hit a couple of big moves like the spinebuster and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chloe locked Amy in the camel clutch and stretched her in the middle of the ring. Amy was in a lot of pain, but she continued on, reaching for the ropes, clawing for the ropes. She gritted her teeth and pushed through the pain, finally getting to the bottom rope. Chloe broke the move but stomped on Amy’s back.

Banks went on to pull Amy into the corner, wrapping her lower back around the ring post. She held on to Amy’s head and legs, and pulled her, continuing to stretch her around the ring post. Again, Amy was in a tremendous amount of pain.

The match raged on, with Chloe setting Amy up for the Electric Chair Driver. However, Amy reversed the move into a victory roll. The ref made the count, but Chloe kicked out at two. Both girls got back to their feet, but Amy cracked Chloe with the Superkick, learned from her brother. Amy fell to her back, in excruciating pain. But she crawled over to the challenger and went for the pin. 1…2… and Chloe got her shoulder up just in time. Amy looked over at the referee to make sure.

She pulled Chloe up and set her up for the Kraven Klash. She hoisted Chloe up, but her back gave out. She dropped Chloe back to her feet and dropped to her knees, placing her hands on her lower back. Chloe didn’t hesitate, hitting the ropes and leveling Amy with a running boot to the face. Amy was out. Next, Chloe wanted to add fuel to the fire. Insult to injury. She sat Amy up and proceeded to lock her in her own finisher, the Dragon Clutch. Chloe bent Amy’s body back, wrenching on her neck. Obviously there was a lot of pressure to the lower back, but it didn’t matter. Amy was already unconscious. The referee checked on Amy, several times. But no answer. The big boot had knocked her out and the Dragon Clutch was just an insult. The referee had no choice but to call for the bell. Chloe Banks had defeated Amy Kraven for the OWF Women’s Championship.

Chloe broke the hold and demanded the referee strap the title around her waist. She stood proud, standing over Amy’s fallen body. The crowd booed, but Chloe didn’t mind. Then, Chloe began to drive stomps into Amy’s lower back. Over and over again. The crowed booed even louder. Some stood to see if someone would come out and save their favorite OWF Women’s wrestler.

Chloe then unstrapped the belt. She stood back and dared Amy to get up to her feet. When Amy slowly pushed herself up to her knees, Chloe cracked her in the skull with the title. She backed up and aimed again. However, OWF newcomer Amber Moxley rushed to the ring. She slid in and hit Chloe with an awesome clothesline. Chloe hit the mat hard and rolled out of the ring. Amber stood guard over Amy’s motionless body while Chloe reached in and grabbed her new title. As Chloe retreated up the entrance ramp, Amber checked on Amy.

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The scene cut backstage where the new OWF Women’s Champion Chloe Banks was making her way to her dressing room with the title slung over her shoulder. Francine Davis quickly approached, asking about her attack on Amy and Amber Moxley coming out to make the save. Chloe said that obviously Amber Moxley didn’t know her place here in the OWF and that if Chloe needed to teach her that she belonged on the pre-show that she would gladly do so. Chloe then stormed off.

OWF Championship
(c) Hayden Flowers vs Connor Campbell w/ Self Made

Another match surrounded by bad blood. Neither man liked each other, which was proof by them laying into each other with fists to the head. Connor got the upperhand with a low blow that the referee missed as he was warning the two of closed fists. Connor next rolled Hayden up pulling the tights, but Hayden kicked out.

Connor continued on Hayden, pummeling him down and even dumping him out of the ring and distracting the referee so that Dexter Murdoch could put a beating on Hayden. Dexter rolled Hayden back into the ring where Connor went for another pin, but Hayden kicked out.

Connor continued doing this. Tossing Hayden out of the ring next so that Guided by Voices could do his dirty work. When that didn’t work, Beatrice signaled to the back and the OWF Network Champion Dirk Vaughn came down the isle with Izzy Laroo by his side. Were these two the newest members of Self Made? After all, Beatrice made sure that Dirk retained his Network Title.

After all the illegal outside interference, Hayden would not stay down. Connor dumped him out of the ring one more time, but Alexander T. Morrison rushed the ringside area. ATM, Beatrice’s former boyfriend and the former OWF Champion came down to make the save, laying into all the members of Self Made. Hayden finally got back into the ring, but was leveled by Connor’s finisher, the Campbell Crusher. That had to be the end of the match.

Connor pinned Hayden as ATM cheered for him to kick out. 1…2… and Hayden did just that, he kicked out! To the shock of everyone in the arena, he kicked out. Connor couldn’t believe it. He turned to Beatrice and then back to Hayden. He screamed to the crowd that he would finish their hero. He then hooked Flowers for another Campbell Crusher. Only this time, Hayden reversed it into a crazy rollup pin. Three seconds later, Hayden Flowers was the winner, and still the OWF Champion! The crowd erupted in cheers. Beatrice Keenan slammed her hands on the mat. She couldn’t believe that after all the outside interference, Hayden retained his championship.

ATM slid into the ring, embracing Hayden and raising his hand in victory. The crowd chanted, “Hayden, Hayden!” Flowers put the belt on his shoulder and put his hand up to the crowd, thanking them for their support. But suddenly the cheers turned to shock, when ATM destroyed Hayden by leveling him in the face with the case that Beatrice Keenan had awarded Connor Campbell. ATM turned to the referee and handed the case to him. The ref, confused, looked over at Beatrice, who had a huge evil smirk on her face. She demanded he ring the bell.

The bell rang, and ATM quickly pounced on Hayden. The referee made the reluctant count, 1…2…3. Alexander T. Morrison was the new OWF Champion.

Beatrice climbed into the ring and approached the new champion. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed. The crowd booed, and began throwing trash into the ring. ATM and Beatice looked over at Connor who was outside of the ring shocked. Beatrice then flipped her hair at him. Meanwhile, Dexter Murdoch, Guided by Voices, Dirk Vaugh, Izzy Laroo, Dani Rawlings and Roxi Haacke joined ATM and Beatrice in the ring. The only question was, was this the plan all along, or did ATM suddenly have a change of heart?


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