09/19/2016 OWF Event #88

OWF Event #88
September 19, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with the Commissioner of the OWF Beatrice Keenan coming out with her group Self Made. Beatrice talked about tonight’s card and bragged about the handicap matches that she had in store. She talked about how all of the Self Made members would be victorious tonight.

But, her happy-go-lucky night changed with one single entrance theme.

The President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne came to the ring. Clyne had a smile on her face. She stepped into the ring and stood face to face with Beatrice, who was not happy to see her here tonight. Beatrice asked Veronica what she was doing here. Veronica said she had decided to take in the sights of Cincinnati…and take care of business.

Veronica said that Beatrice had an interesting card for tonight’s show, but that it was going to be changed completely. Well, not entirely. Veronica said that she agreed with the non-title match between OWF Women’s Champion Chloe Banks and Amber Moxley.

Veronica announced the first change. Instead of Blaine Edwards taking on Dirk Vaughn and Dexter Murdoch, that Blaine would instead face Dirk for the OWF Network Title, and if any member of Self Made came to ringside they would be fired immediately.

Self Made threw a fit at the news. But Veronica was far from done.

She announced that instead of Aubrey Moresi battling Dani Rawlings, Roxi Haacke and Izzy Laroo, instead, Dani, Roxi and Izzy would face Aubrey and…FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Seduction Inc!

Self Made threw fits again. But…

Veronica then added that instead of Hayden Flowers facing ATM and Guided by Voices, instead, ATM and Guided by Voices would battle Hayden Flowers and…the first ever OWF Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery!

The crowd loved it. Self Made hated it.

Veronica Clyne then said that later tonight she would be having a performance review with Beatrice Keenan. Beatrice rolled her eyes.

OWF Network Title | Self Made Banned from Ringside
(c) Dirk Vaughn vs Blaine Edwards

A back and forth matchup that saw a lot of brawling from Blaine who was normally a technical wrestler. Dirk hit a big Brainbuster that really slowed Blaine down, but Edwards continued fighting. Edwards then planted Dirk with the Tiger Driver and pinned him for the three count. Blaine Edwards was the new OWF Champion!

Live on September 25 in San Francisco, Full Force Pro presents Lethal Injection! Join us as Odell Porter defends be Adrenaline Title against Deshaun Reed, Cindy Labre battles Taylor Clawson, Mikhail Vakhrov defends the Television Title against Hiroki Ito and much more!

The scene cut backstage where OWF newcomer Kimber Stiles was walking down the hallway. Francine Davis quickly caught up to her, and asked her questions regarding signing with the OWF, he’d experience around the world and if she knew when she would be debuting.

Kimber said that she was happy to be signed with the OWF. She said that she had competed all over world, mostly in the Southern United States, Mexico and Japan. She said that she did not know when she would debut in the OWF but she couldn’t wait. She said that the FFP and the OWF have the best wrestlers in the world and she looked forward to showcasing her skills.

Non-Title Match
Chloe Banks vs Amber Moxley

Amber Moxley definitely brought her all to this match. She hit some stiff shots and was obviously a very good technical wrestler. But Chloe Banks stayed one step ahead, and planted Amber with her new finisher Shatter Your Dreams, which is an inverted stomp facebreaker. Chloe then hooked Amber’s leg and got the three count.

The scene cut to Francine Davis who was talking to Matt Thatcher. Thatcher talked about how he was absolutely loving his time in the OWF, but that he would like a shot at holding the OWF Championship.

ATM and a couple of his Self Made stablemates walked up. ATM, with his title on his shoulder simply laughed at Matt and walked away.

6-Women Tag Team Match
Dani Rawlings, Roxi Haacke & Izzy Laroo vs Aubrey Moresi & Seduction Inc

Dani, Roxi and Izzy came out looking extremely unhappy. The women of Self Made handled themselves well. The OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions Dani and Roxi looked pretty solid. But against the likes of Aubrey Moresi and Seduction Inc, they stood no chance. The match ended when Taylor Clawson planted Dani Rawlings with the Flatliner. She then tagged Aubrey in to get the pinfall.


6-Man Tag Team Match
ATM & Guided by Voices vs Hayden Flowers & Assault & Battery

ATM and Guided by Voices were obviously the more experienced of Self Made. However Hayden Flowers was no slouch either. And throw in Assault & Battery, who held the OWF and FFP Tag Team Titles, and you had a three-man team that seemed nearly unstoppable. Even with the interference of Beatrice Keenan, who came out later on in the match to attempt to distract Self Made’s opponents, ATM and Guided by Voices didn’t have a chance. Hayden locked ATM up in a Texas Cloverleaf and forced the OWF Champion to submit.

After the match Veronica Clyne came out and announced that Beatrice’s performance review would begin right now. Beatrice told Veronica that she wasn’t going to listen to her review and told her to leave her ring. Beatrice continued arguing with Veronica and eventually slapped her across the face. Mistake.

Veronica then announced that due to Beatrice’s actions that clearly were detrimental to the company, such as physically asserting herself into matches, having multiple relationships with top performers and booking unfair matches to see certain wrestlers beaten up, that Veronica had no choice but to let Beatrice go as the Commissioner of the OWF as well as the Vice-President of Full Force Pro.

Beatrice screamed at Veronica, but was ignored. The FFP President continued, saying that if Beatrice wanted to stay in the OWF as a manager/valet that she can negotiate with Veronica privately.

Beatrice continued screaming. But Veronica had security escort her from the building. Veronica then announced that a new Commissioner for the OWF would be named soon.


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