09/26/2016 OWF Event #89

OWF Event #89
September 26, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with the President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne who was obviously out in the ring to reveal to us who the interim-Commissioner of the OWF would be. Veronica first teased next week’s show as the biggest in the history of the Ohio Wresting Federation. She said that the only show that will be bigger, will be OWF 100!

Then, Veronica finally made the announcement of the new interim-Commissioner of the OWF. It was the former FFP World Champion, who is currently on the shelf with a torn quad…Austin Briggs!

Briggs came down to the ring wearing a suit. He thanked Veronica for the opportunity to try out an authority role. He even joked that eventually everyone has their career end, and maybe this is something he can do once he steps out of the ring for good.

Austin said that the OWF had obviously been through a lot of BS with Beatrice Keenan at the helm, but those days were done. And a new day in OWF had begun. Briggs said that tonight he was planning on having some very good matches, but also planned on making some blockbuster announcements for next week’s epic OWF #90 show!

Austin was then interrupted by the reigning OWF Champion Alexander T Morrison. ATM came out and told Austin that if he didn’t hire Beatrice as ATM’s manager, that he would not compete. ATM said that he was the ATM of the OWF and without him, there would be no show.

But Briggs laughed. He told ATM that if he wanted to tuck tail and run, that that would be fine because there are plenty of wrestlers in the back that would gladly take his championship. Briggs said that if ATM refuses to wrestle, he will be fired immediately.

Matt Thatcher then came out. He said that he could beat ATM, and that he would love to have a chance at the OWF Championship. Austin said that he enjoyed Thatcher’s in-ring work, and would gladly book Thatcher in a match against ATM next Monday for the OWF Championship…if, Thatcher could beat ATM tonight in the main event, in a non-title match.

Edgar O’Sullivan vs Dakudoragon
Two superstars who Matt Kraven signed while in Mexico, Edgar O’Sullivan and Dakudoragon pulled out all the stops. The Cincinnati crowd was in for a treat. One of the best opening matches that anyone could imagine. After ten minutes the two were still going strong. Edgar gained the advantage and rocked his masked opponent with a couple of stiff European uppercuts. But, it was Dakudoragon who used his speed and technical abilities to gain the upperhand. Dakudoragon then hit a very dangerous reverse hurricanrana off the top rope for the three count.

Damien Bishop vs Kenny Bench
A squash match. A big boot started off the match courtesy of Damien Bishop. Then he hit the big man with a chokeslam. After that Damien shocked the Cincinnati crowd by hitting Bench with the Powerbomb for the three count.


Zoey Kiehl vs Juno Frost
Two women who have the ability to put on great wrestling matches, but instead attempted to completely destroy the other. This feud had gotten so heated that the two not only slugged each other in the face, but used fingernails to the face, pulled each other’s hair and slammed each other’s faces into the mat. Zoey slung Juno over the top rope, but kept a hold of her long red hair. As Juno gained her footing on the ring apron Zoey hit her with a superkick, sending her crashing into a commentator’s table at ringside.

Zoey then hit the ropes, delivering a suicide dive through the ropes, crashing down on Juno and the commentator’s table. The referee began his count as the two ladies continued beating on each other. The ref eventually reached the ten count and threw the match out.

Austin Briggs then came out and ordered OWF security to break up the brawl. Briggs then announced that both women had bright futures here, but couldn’t get anywhere when they stood in each other’s way. He said that at OWF #90 that the two would lock horns once more, in a Last Woman Standing Match! He said after that match, the rivalry would be dead and both women could move on!

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with the OWF Women’s Champion Chloe Banks. Francine asked Banks if she had a clue on who she would be defending the OWF Women’s Title against. Chloe said that she didn’t know who she would be defending against, but that no matter who it would be, that she would be walking out of OWF #90 with the gold.

Just then Amy Kraven stepped into view with a smile on her face. Amy said that she had just spoken with the new interim-Commissioner of the OWF Austin Briggs, and at OWF #90 she would get her rematch for the OWF Women’s Title. Amy told Chloe that she hoped that she had enjoyed her title reign, because in seven days it would be ending.

As Amy turned and walked away Chloe Banks hit her from behind. Knocking her ont he concrete floor and then walking away with the title on her shoulder.

Malakai & Trey Hawkins vs Alyx Woods & Cody Ricker
A very fast paced matchup. Both teams were hoping to get a Tag Team Title shot against the Tamatoas. Alyx Woods and Cody Ricker looked rather impressive, but there was a miscommunication where Alyx accidentally superkicked Cody after Trey Hawkins moved out of the way. Trey then hit Alyx with the Surfing with the Alien for the three count.

Again Austin Briggs emerged. Briggs announced that next week at OWF #90 that Malakai and Trey Hawkins would get another shot at the Tamatoas for the OWF Tag Team Titles.

Lady Stella vs Amber Moxley
A hard hitting match that saw Lady Stella hit a couple of impressive moves. But it was Amber Moxley who bested Stella, hitting the Burning Hammer for the pinfall.

October 30, 2016 Full Force Pro presents The Haunting. It’s FFP’s yearly Halloween themed pay-per-view, live from Dallas, Texas. Currently there are no matches scheduled but with all the action Full Force Pro has going on matches will be announced very soon. Don’t miss it live on the FFP Network!

The scene cut to Austin Briggs’ office. In the office with him was the OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions Dani Rawlings and Roxi Haacke. Austin announced that Dani and Roxi would be defending their titles next week at OWF #90 against the former champions Raakel and Maaike Garza.

If Matt Thatcher Wins, He Wrestles for the OWF Title at OWF #90
Alexander T. Morrison w/ Self Made vs Matt Thatcher

Another very good action packed match. Halfway through it was apparent that Dexter Murdoch, Dirk Vaughn and Guided by Voices would continue interfering and eventually cost Matt Thatcher the match. So, Mr interim-Commissioner Austin Briggs made his presence felt again, coming out and banning Self Made from ringside.

After that, the tide turned, and Matt Thatcher used his power to get the best of Alexander Morrison. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a bulldog off the second rope, Thatcher hoisted ATM up and planted him with the Falcon Arrow for the three count.

After the match Self Made rushed the ring, beating Thatcher down. Obviously they were trying to weaken him down now that he was set to face ATM for the OWF Title next week. But Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards rushed the ring, coming to the aide of Thatcher. Self Made was quick to retreat as Hayden and Blaine checked on Matt.

Austin Briggs then came out once more. He announced that Matt Thatcher did in fact earn himself a shot at the OWF Championship next week. But, Briggs said, that he was also extremely impressed by Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards over the past couple of weeks. So, Austin announced that the main event of OWF #90 would be ATM putting his OWF Title on the line against Matt Thatcher, Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards in an Elimination Four-Way Match!


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