10/03/2016 OWF Event #90


OWF Event #90
October 3, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

OWF #90 began with fireworks all over the OWF Arena. The crowd was going crazy as the camera panned all over. Notably in the front row was the owner of Full Force Pro Matt Kraven, who was sat beside the first OWF Women’s Champion Katrina. Also the first OWF Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery were sitting at ringside to enjoy the event.

OWF Tag Team Titles
(c) Tamatoas vs Malakai & Trey Hawkins
A back and forth match that was very fast paced and showed the athleticism of both teams. Malakai and Trey Hawkins cut the ring in half and later knocked Kanoa off the ring apron to take his brother down. But a missed flying leg drop opened the door for Kalino to tag his brother who came in and cleaned house.

Trey used a few solid kicks to rock Kanoa, but eventually fell victim to a huge STO. Kanoa then went up top and hit a big splash for the three count.

After the match the two teams shook hands and embraced.

Hunter Chase vs Tadashi Akawa
A very solid showing for both OWF rookies. Fast paced with both men hitting some high impact high flying moves, as well as locking in grueling submissions. The Cincinnati crowd seemed split between both men. Tadashi gained the upperhand late into the match, hitting a couple knee lifts in the clinch, then attempted his finisher the Michinoku Driver, but Hunter Chase escaped the attempt and hit a stalling German suplex. Hunter then slapped on his finisher, Chasing the Lion in the center of the ring. Akawa was in pain, trying to reach to the ropes, but the pain was too much. His lower back was the target of the mine with the torque on the move being extreme. Akawa had to tap out.

After the match Hunter celebrated in the ring as the crowd cheered him on.

The scene quickly cut backstage where the challengers for tonight’s Women’s Tag Team Title match Maaike Garza and Raakel had been attacked. The attackers were the brand new and debuting Hannah Rush and Kinley Bow. Rush and Bow were currently pummeling the former champions in the small hallway. OWF security quickly intervened but the damage had been done. The former champions were down, and out.

Last Woman Standing Match
Zoey Kiehl vs Juno Frost
The most violent match of the night was this one for sure. Of course to win the match you had to beat your opponent bad enough that they couldn’t answer the referee’s ten count. Zoey came out on fire early, giving Juno a beating that she deserved. But Juno stopped her in her tracks by raking her eyes and whipping her down to the mat by her hair.

Eventually Zoey got back to her feet and speared Juno through the ropes. They crashes to the arena floor, but continued brawling. Ramming each other into the guardrail and up the entrance ramp. Juno attempted a piledriver on the steel entrance ramp, but Zoey turned it into a backbody drop. Juno retreated back toward the ring, but Zoey followed. Eventually, a couple of tables were brought out from underneath the ring. One, set up diagonally on the guardrail and to the arena floor.

Juno climbed onto the apron and blasted Zoey with a running kick to the face, sending her crashing to the floor. Juno then pulled Zoey up and set her up for a powrrbomb through the table. Zoey escaped and hit an awesome European uppercut which sent Juno stumbling back. She rolled up onto the apron and attempted to get back into the ring. But as she began to climb into the ring Zoey grabbed her by her red hair, and violently slung her down through the table on the floor.

Zoey backed off and the referee made the count. It looked as if Juno would not be able to answer. But at the count of nine, she got up. However, she may have wished she didn’t. Because as she was down Zoey had set up another table. She grabbed her opponent by the hair again, and whipped her through another table. Juno was out.

The referee began his count again. And while he counted, Zoey got ready again. Just in case. Setting up a third table, as well as scooting the steel ring steps out. At the count of about nine and a half, Juno got up to her knees. But she was still out of it. Zoey grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her feet. She looked into her eyes and yelled to her that she deserved this. Zoey then pulled Juno up onto the steps and hit a gruesome powerbomb from the top of the steps through the table. The referee began his count again. There was no way Juno was answering. The ref completed the ten count and raised Zoey’s hand in victory. Zoey had won the match, and the feud. With tears in her eyes she walked away from the ring knowing that she had finally closed that chapter of her career.

The scene cut backstage to the OWF’s interim-Commissioner Austin Briggs. Austin announced that Maaike Garza and Raakel would not be able to compete tonight. Briggs then announced that he found a tag team on short notice to challenge Dani and Roxi tonight for the OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles. The team was Amber Moxley and Kimber Stiles!

Mateo Chavez vs Cody Ricker
A very technical match that honestly saw Mateo Chavez never lose a beat. Cody Ricker tried to give Chavez a fight, but Mateo pulled out all the stops. Chavez planted Ricker with the Death Valley Driver for the three count.

After the match Cody’s tag team partner Alyx Woods came down to check on him. But Cody snapped and threw Alyx down, storming out of the ring and heading to the back.


OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Dani Rawlings & Roxi Haacke vs Amber Moxley & Kimber Stiles
The rookies came out on fire, really hitting the champions fast and hard. Kimber even rolled Dani up in a small package that looked like we’d see new champions, but Dani kicked out just before the three count.

Dani saw this as disrespect. So she began to hit Kimber with hard stiff shots. Until Kimber blocked and floored the blonde with a hard kick to the head. Dani tagged Roxi in. Roxi used her strength to her advantage. Amber ended up getting tagged in and floored with a big clothesline. Roxi then hit a gorilla press slam. But Dani tagged herself back in. Dani went to the middle rope and attempted her Diving Bulldog, but Amber dodged and hit an awesome clothesline. Amber pulled Dani up, looking to possibly go for her Burning Hammer. But as she hoisted Rawlings up, Roxi came in to try to make the save. She attempted a big clothesline, but Amber dropped Dani to her feet and ducked. Roxi accidentally connected with Dani, who stumbled back and fell out of the ring. Roxi went back after Moxley, but Amber ducked the attack and clothesline Roxi over the top.

Kimber joined Amber in the ring. The two went for suicide dives in unison. However Dani had grabbed a hold of one of the Women’s Tag Titles. As Kimber dove out of the ring, Dani leveled her in the skull with the championship. Even though Amber had successfully connected with Roxi, Dani had gotten her team disqualified. And Kimber was down on the floor mat, writhing in pain.

The referee called for the bell as Dani pulled Roxi up and toward the entrance ramp. The match was a good one up until the end. Dani and Roxi had the champion’s advantage, and used it before they could be upset by the rookies.

The scene cut backstage where Cosmic Cupcake and Carrie Kilgore were speaking with Francine Davis. They said that if the OWF needed women tag teams that they’d gladly dominate the division.

Hannah Rush and Kinley Bow then interrupted, laughing at Cupcake and Carrie and saying that they hadn’t dominated anything yet, why start now. After some back and forth a match was set between the two teams at OWF #91.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Chloe Banks vs Amy Kraven
A very personal feud that very well could have seen a violent match, but these two ladies knew how to wrestle, and we’re going to wrestle to the best of their abilities to win the match. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some brawling, because there definitely was. Including an awesome clothesline over the top by Amy Kraven and a European uppercut from Chloe Banks that seemed to knock the challenger silly. Chloe also violently threw Amy, crashing into the ring steps sending them tumbling onto the arena floor.

Chloe stayed on top of the challenger, pummeling her down and hitting a pair of gutwrench suplexes. Chloe began working on Amy’s neck, most likely setting her up for Shatter Your Dreams. But Chloe went for a swinging neckbreaker which Amy reversed into an awesome DDT. The Cincinnati crowd cheered. Amy went up top and connected with a missile dropkick. Next she ascended up top again and attempted a moonsault. But only connected with Chloe’s raised knees. Chloe then hooked Amy into a small package. 1…2… and Amy kicked out.

The two got to their feet and began trading strikes. Chloe got the advantage with a hard knee to the gut. She then set Amy up and connected with Shatter Your Dreams. She went for the pin. 1…2… and Amy kicked out. Chloe couldn’t believe it. She charged at Amy who was getting up. Amy dodged Chloe and off the rebound hit the Superkick. Shades of her brother. But Chloe fell to the mat and rolled to the outside. Amy fell to the mat as well.

Amy went to the outside to force Chloe back inside the ring. Once both superstars were in the ring, Amy went for another Superkick. But Chloe ducked it this time and hit Amy with a devastating chop block. She grabbed Amy’s leg and slapped on the STF. Amy screamed out in pain. Meanwhile the Cincinnati crowd cheered Amy on. Everyone wanted to see her win that championship again. Amy fought and fought. And finally reached the ropes. Chloe kept the hold on until the four count, so close to getting herself disqualified.

Chloe pulled Amy up, and went for Shatter Your Dreams again, but Amy blocked it and dumped Chloe with a t-bone suplex. Chloe tried to quickly get back to her feet, but Amy hit her with another t-bone. Amy then grabbed Chloe and set her up for the Kraven Klash. But Chloe reversed into a back body drop. But, Amy landed on her feet. It was like a human chess match!

Amy turned back around toward Chloe, but the champion hit a devastating dropkick to the front of Amy’s knee. Amy fell to the mat, holding her knee. But Chloe turned her over and once again slapped on the STF. Amy screamed out in pain again. Tears fell down her cheeks as she reached out. Her dream of holding the Women’s Title again was fading. She reached. She clawed. She gritted her teeth and screamed. Then, she tapped out. Chloe Banks retained her title.

After the match Chloe grabbed the Women’s Title and held it in the air. The crowd booed, but she didn’t care. Amy was tended to by EMTs, and her brother who climbed the guardrail to check on her.

October 30th from Dallas, Texas FFP presents it’s Halloween themed October pay-per-view The Haunting. Expect a lot of great FFP action as FFP invades Dallas and puts on the best pro wrestling pay-per-view in the month of October!

OWF Title | Elimination 4-Way Match
(c) ATM vs Hayden Flowers vs Matt Thatcher vs Blaine Edwards
In a bit of a shock, ATM was accompanied to the ring by Beatrice Keenan. Apparently she had worked out a deal to manage the OWF Champion. And of course everyone assumed we’d see shenanigans.

The match was a little bit of everything. Technical wrestling, mostly from Hayden and Blaine, brawling from Thatcher, and a lot of defense from ATM. The first big move was a double powerbomb courtesy of Matt Thatcher and Blaine Edwards on ATM. They tried pinning the champion but he kicked out. Eventually ATM fought back, knocking everyone out of the ring and hitting Thatcher with the Code Breaker for the three count. Matt Thatcher was eliminated.

Hayden Flowers and Blaine Edwards weren’t too keen on ATM. They keyed in on the OWF Champion, looking to eliminate him and wind the match down to one-on-one. Beatrice attempted to get involved, but was knocked to the arena floor when ATM was Irish whipped into her. Hayden grabbed ATM and was going for a suplex when ATM escaped and shoved Hayden forward, causing him and Blaine to collide with one another. ATM then rolled Hayden up, pulling the tights, and got the three count. Hayden Flowers was eliminated.

It was all down to OWF Champion ATM and OWF Network Champion Blaine Edwards. Blaine hit some awesome moves on ATM. A spinning back suplex. A diving headbutt. A running knee lift. And a German suplex off the middle rope that seemed to be the end for ATM, although he kicked out at two.

Blaine set ATM up for the Tiger Driver, but Beatrice climbed into the ring with the OWF Championship. Blaine grabbed the title out of Beatrice’s hands as she backed away. The referee quickly got inbetween them, instructing Beatrice to leave the ring. As the referee was distracted ATM dropped to his knees and hit Blaine with a low blow. He then ripped the OWF Title out of Blaine’s grip and leveled him in the face. ATM slid the title out of the ring as Beatrice scurried out. ATM hooked the leg. 1…2…3!

ATM hopped up with his arms in the air. He had retained his title against all odds. Beatrice grabbed the OWF Championship and again got into the ring, presenting it to him. Apparently Self Made was still alive and well, although Beatrice was no longer in control.

But then, Austin Briggs came out. Briggs apologized for ruining ATM’s celebration. He said that the reason Beatrice got herself in trouble was because of the BS that they just pulled right now. Beatrice rolled her eyes. Austin then announced that Beatrice needed to leave ringside right now because ATM vs Blaine Edwards did the OWF Championship would be restarted right now.

Beatrice refused to leave. So Austin sent security out to make her. As security tried to get Beatrice to exit the ring, which would actually take them picking her up and carrying her, Blaine Edwards had gotten back up. ATM attempted to hit Blaine with the OWF Championship, but Blaine ducked and cracked ATM with a running knee to the jaw. The blow rocked ATM. Blaine then grabbed the champion and drove him to the mat with the Tiger Driver. He hooked ATM’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3!

Blaine Edwards, the underdog of the entire match, had won the OWF Championship! Edwards, also the OWF Network Champion, took possession of both titles. He held them in separate hands, staring at them both. He then climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle in each corner holding the titles in the air. The Cincinnati crowd went crazy as confetti fell from the ceiling. The first ever OWF dual-champion had been crowned!


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