An Interview with the New OWF Champion, Blaine Edwards

Earlier today the OWF website staff had a chance to sit down with the new OWF Champion Blaine Edwards. Coming off of his epic title victory last night in a four-way match, also involving Hayden Flowers, Matt Thatcher and the OWF Champion (at the time) Alexander T Morrison, Blaine was excited to speak with us.

OWF: Blaine, thanks for meeting with us on such short notice.

BLAINE: Happy to.

OWF: Okay, so let’s cut to the chase. Last night you went into an elimination four-way match with the OWF Champion ATM, Matt Thatcher and Hayden Flowers. You had a 25% chance to walk out of the OWF Arena the new OWF Champion. How did you feel going into this match?

BLAINE: Oh man I had so many emotions. I was nervous. I was excited. I felt like it was my time, but at the same time I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get passed those three guys. All three are super talented. And they all had their own set of skills, their own advantages and their own wrestling style.

OWF: So Matt Thatcher is first eliminated. What’s your mindset at that point?

BLAINE: I mean I guess relief (laughs). Thatcher is a talented guy. He’s strong. He’s technical. And it was like, okay, one down.

OWF: Next, Hayden is eliminated, and off of a Beatrice Keenan distraction and ATM pulling the tights. Where is your mind at then.

BLAINE: Honestly, I got angry. I know Hayden. He’s awesome. He’s a super nice guy. And I’d like to even say he’s my friend. I felt like he got screwed. I’m not sure about anyone else, but my kinda dream scenario was for it to come down to him and me. Hayden vs Blaine. A new champion will be crowned.

OWF: So Hayden is gone, and it’s just you and the World Champion. Of course with Beatrice on the outside. The OWF Champion vs the Network Champion. Did you think you were walking out the champion?

BLAINE: I mean, anyone in a competitive sport would say yes. I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I knew that I’d be dealing with ATM and Beatrice. And honestly, I expected to see Dexter Murdoch and Guided by Voices. And of course Dirk Vaughn and Izzy Laroo.

OWF: So you come out on fire against ATM. Hitting move after move. Then Beatrice climbs into the ring with the OWF Championship. Were you like, “here we go…”?

BLAINE: (Laughs) Basically yeah. But I quickly grabbed the belt from her.

OWF: What was your plan when you took the belt?

BLAINE: I actually have no clue (laughs). I don’t know if I was going to blast ATM with it, if I was going to hand it to the ref, or if I was going to fling the thing out into the crowd. I just didn’t want her to hand it to him.

OWF: You take it, but then the referee begins arguing with Beatrice. And then, boom, a low blow.

BLAINE: Yep, he hit me with a low blow, and at that moment, I knew it was over. I knew that because of her, he had an opportunity to steal my moment. And he did. He hit me with the belt, which I don’t remember. I don’t remember that, and I don’t remember Austin coming out.

OWF: Wow. You don’t remember ATM hitting you, pinning you and basically stealing the win?

BLAINE: Nope. I don’t. I mean, I watched the match back. I’ve watched it like five times today. But I don’t remember that.

OWF: So he hits you, he pins you and that’s it. ATM successfully defended his title. And the Cincinnati crowd hated it.

BLAINE: Yeah, they don’t like him too much do they? (Laughs)

OWF: So Austin comes out, says this is exactly why Beatrice got fired, and restarts the match. Tell us what you remember, and what was going through your mind.

BLAINE: As soon as I heard Austin say he was restarting the match, it was like, that chance that I just lost was right back in front of me. Security was dealing with Beatrice and ATM tried to hit me with the belt again. I ducked it, and blasted him with a running knee. I knew I had rocked him. So I grabbed him, and…boom…Tiger Driver.

OWF: And three seconds later you were the new OWF Champion.

BLAINE: That’s right.

OWF: And the Network Champion.


OWF: How does that feel? You’re the OWF Champion, and the Network Champion.

BLAINE: Feels pretty cool. No one has ever done that before. Pretty cool making history.

OWF: Have you talked to Austin Briggs yet? Are you going to defend both belts? How will that work?

BLAINE: We talked a little last night. He congratulated me and all. We didn’t talk about the dual-champion thing. I’m sure they’ll vacate the Network Title. And that’s fine. I’m the OWF Champion. I can’t beat that.

OWF: So how do you think they’ll determine a new Network Champion?

BLAINE: I have no idea. Maybe a tournament, or battle royal.

OWF: Who would you like to defend the OWF Title against? If you could pick?

BLAINE: Oh man, there’s so many. I think Hayden deserves a shot. Obviously ATM will get his rematch. But then there are guys I know I could have great matches with. Guys like Malakai, Trey Hawkins and Mateo Chavez. And I mean, some of these newcomers coming in look really good out there. Dakudoragon, Edgar O’Sullivan and Hunter Chase. Those guys are the future of the OWF. I’m sure I’ll have run ins with quite a few of them.

OWF: What does it mean to you to be the Ohio Wrestling Federation Champion?

BLAINE: It means the world. I mean, the OWF is just a developmental territory for Full Force Pro. Just a little fed in Cincinnati where so many come to make a name for themselves. But, it feels big. I mean, it has grown so much and it feels like a legit fed. Being the champion means so much to me. It means I’m the guy here. It means that I’m on top of the ladder. But it also means I have to keep my head on a swivel.

OWF: Blaine, it was a pleasure to sit down with you today. Congratulations on last night’s big win.

BLAINE: Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.


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