10/10/2016 OWF Event #91

OWF Event #91
October 10, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with the new OWF Champion Blaine Edwards. Blaine said that he had spoken with Austin Briggs earlier in the day and he was going to have to choose to either keep the OWF Championship, or the OWF Network Championship. Blaine said the choice was obvious, officially relinquishing the Network Title.

Austin Briggs then came out and announced that next week at OWF #92 there would be a battle royal to crown a new OWF Network Champion.

Cosmic Cupcake & Carrie Kilgore vs Hannah Rush & Kinley Bow
A very solid match showcasing a new tag team of OWF veterans Cosmic Cupcake and Carrie Kilgore, and a rookie tag team of Hannah Rush and Kinley Bow. Cupcake and Carrie came out on fire, but the rookies stayed in, eventually knocking Cupcake off the apron and hitting an impressive flapjack into facebuster combo on Carrie Kilgore for the three count.

After the match Hannah Rush got on the microphone and announced that their tag team name is the Cincinnati Home Wrecking Crew.

Damien Bishop vs Jeremiah Dixon
A brawl. It’s as simple as that. Bishop, the Detroit native, won with the Powerbomb.

Caitlin Cruz vs Lady Stella
A back and forth match that saw a lot of technical wrestling from Caitlin and a lot of strikes and power moves by Lady Stella. Cruz ended up winning the match with the moonsault.

Alyx Woods & Cody Ricker vs Malakai & Trey Hawkins
A very entertaining match that saw Malakai and Trey Hawkins pull out the victory. It seemed that Alyx and Cody had some tension after the match was over.

Hunter Chase vs Tadashi Akawa
The main event was an OWF #90 rematch. Hunter Chase and Tadashi Akawa treated the Cincinnati crowd to another very good match. The fans were on the edge of their seat as Hunter locked Tadashi in the Chasing the Lion, making him submit for the victory.

After the match as Hunter celebrated his victory, the lights in the OWF Arena went out. When they came back on OWF newcomers Lafter and Lullaby were in the ring, standing in front of Hunter. They quickly pounced, knocking Hunter down and pummeling him. He tried to fight to his feet, but after a long match, plus the two-on-one advantage, he didn’t stand a chance.

After the beat down, Lafter locked Hunter in the Crippler Crossface. OWF security finally arrived to the ring and pulled the evil clown off of his victim. Lafter and Lullaby left the ring as medics tended to Hunter.


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