10/17/2016 OWF Event #92

OWF Event #92
October 17, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with the new OWF Champion Blaine Edwards. Blaine talked about how proud he was to hold the OWF Title. He was interrupted by Alexander T Morrison along with Self Made. ATM said that if Blaine wasn’t a coward he would defend his championship right here tonight against ATM.

Blaine laughed. Then said that he would gladly defend the title against ATM, right now!

OWF Title
(c) Blaine Edwards vs ATM w/ Self Made

ATM got the quick upperhand by attacking Blaine right as the bell rang. He took Blaine to the corner and pummeled him. He backed up charged, but was floored with a dropkick. Blaine then began to work down the challenger.

They battled back and forth. And of course Dexter Murdoch and Beatrice Keenan got involved. ATM knocked Blaine out of the ring and distracted the ref, giving Dexter the opportunity to slam Blaine to the mat and hit him with a big splash, knocking the wind out of him.

Dexter threw Blaine back into the ring where ATM capitalized. He hit Blaine with the Code Breaker, and went for the pin. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Blaine draped his foot up on the bottom rope. ATM thought he won the match. He got up and put his arms in the air but the ref was quick to correct him.

ATM grabbed Blaine and went for another Code Breaker, but Blaine caught his opponent in mid-air. Edwards shoved ATM off and cracked him with a superkick. He then went up top, but Dexter began grabbing at the ropes, trying to cause Blaine to fall off.

Blaine proceeded to hit an awesome dive off the top, flooring Dexter on the arena floor. Blaine warned Beatrice and slid back into the ring. However as he got to his feet, ATM hit him with another Code Breaker. But lucky for Blaine, he fell through the ropes and to the arena floor.

Beatrice tried to pull Blaine up and shove him into the ring, but she couldn’t do it. ATM went to the outside and threw Blaine back in. He turned and kissed his girlfriend before heading back in for the champion. Blaine was trying to get to his feet, slowly. ATM charged for a clothesline, but Blaine ducked and ATM connected with the ref. He turned back around and was hit with a kick to the gut and a Tiger Driver. Blaine pinned ATM, but the referee was out.

Blaine noticed the referee and went to help him, but he was blasted from behind with the OWF Championship, courtesy of Dexter Murdoch. Dexter helped ATM up and they double teamed Blaine. But Hayden Flowers was quick to charge to the ring and help out his friend. Hayden had a tough task ahead of him, but he held his own. Blaine got back to his feet and a two-on-two brawl ensued. The referee finally got up and was forced to throw the match out due to the outside interference. The match was ruled a no contest.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! We here at FFP are extremely proud of the growth of the OWF and we can not wait to see OWF #100 in December. Don’t miss it!

Zoey Kiehl vs Carrie Kilgore
A back and forth match which saw a lot of brawling from both women. Carrie speared Zoey to the mat in what looked like the end for Zoey, but she kicked out. Zoey fought back and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the three count.

Dixon Boys vs Malakai & Trey Hawkins
Another back and forth match. Malakai and Trey Hawkins for the advantage early, but the Dixon Boys took control. Jeremiah got him and his brother the pinfall after hitting Trey with the Package Piledriver.

In the Ring
Hunter Chase came down to the ring to talk about the attack he suffered last week courtesy of Lafter and Lullaby. He talked about how they were extremely creepy. He said he came to the OWF to wrestle, and challenged Lafter to a match next week at OWF #93. The lights began flickering and Hunter kept looking around to see if another attack was going to occur.

Eventually Hunter finished up, repeating that he would like a chance to wrestle the newcomer. As he walked up the entrance ramp the lights went black. When they came back in Lafter and Lullaby were standing behind him, and attacked. They pummeled him down on the steel entrance ramp. Lafter then locked Hunter in the Crippler Crossface. He kept the move locked in as security arrived. Finally the security pulled Lafter away. He was all smiles as he and Lullaby left Hunter lying motionless on the entrance ramp.

OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Dani Rawlings & Roxi Haacke vs Kimber Stiles & Amber Moxley

The match started out fast paced, which seemed to favor the challengers. But Dani and Roxi were able to slow it down. Roxi used her power to wear Kimber down before tagging in Dani to attempt to get the pinfall, but Kimber kicked out.

After taking a lot of damage, Kimber was able to make the tag to Amber, who cleaned house, hitting both champions with stiff shots before clotheslining Roxi over the top. Moxley went after Dani who after taking two European uppercuts slid out of the ring, trying to avoid Amber.

Dani tried to leave, grabbing her belt in the process, but Kimber stopped her. They fired Dani back into the ring and continued working her over with suplexes and a double facebuster. Dani fought back hitting a couple clotheslines. Then, Roxi tagged herself in. Dani questioned Roxi, who then was dropkicked from behind. Roxi crashed into Dani, knocking her out of the ring. Kimber then hit Roxi with a DDT and went for the pin. As the referee made the two count, Kimber noticed Dani up on the apron with the Women’s Tag Title. Kimber jumped up and cracked Dani with a running knee to the jaw, sending her crashing into the nearby announcer’a table. Kimber then turned and planted Roxi with the Curb Stomp. Stiles pinned Roxi for the three count. Kimber Stiles and Amber Moxley were the new OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions.


OWF Network Title Battle Royal
A wild battle royal that saw the likes of the first Network Champion Matt Thatcher, Damien Bishop, both of the Tamatoas, Edgar O’Sullivan, Alyx Woods, Cody Ricker, former OWF Champion Hayden Flowers and even Cosmic Cupcake!

Cody Ricker eliminated his tag partner Alyx Woods from behind. Woods then assisted Edgar O’Sullivan in eliminating Cody by pulling on him from outside of the ring. Matt Thatcher eliminated Connor Campbell, but was eliminated by Damien Bishop.

The final four wound up being Hayden Flowers, Damien Bishop, Edgar O’Sullivan and Cosmic Cupcake. Cosmic Cupcake recorded the first elimination of the final four, clotheslining Edgar over the top rope. Damien Bishop then threw Cupcake out from behind. It was all down to Hayden Flowers and Damien Bishop. They tore into each other, trading punches and attempting to dump the other out of the ring.

Bishop’s size was too much for Hayden. He hit him with a fallaway slam and a sidewalk slam. Flowers got to his feet and Damien shoved him into the ropes. Bishop went for a big boot, but Hayden dropped down and pulled the top rope down. Bishop wound up straddling the top rope. Hayden jumped to his feet and hit a high dropkick to Damien’s face. The big man crashed to the arena floor. Hayden Flowers was the new OWF Network Champion!

As he celebrated with the title Hayden’s girlfriend Aubrey Moresi ran down the isle and gave him a hug. Aubrey had been called up to the main FFP roster, but she was in Cincinnati visiting and got to see her boyfriend win the Network Title.

He hugged her and kissed her in the center of the ring, then hoisted the Network Championship in the air.
The Cincinnati crowd cheered as Hayden celebrated his victory.


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