12/12/2016 OWF Event #100


OWF Event #100
December 12, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with fireworks going off in the arena. Immediately we saw OWF superstars from the past. The current FFP Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery, who were the very first OWF Tag Team Champions were sitting in the front row. Also, former OWF Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch was at ringside. Former OWF Champion Ashley King was also in the crowd.

Then the scene cut backstage where Matt Kraven was watching the show with his sister Amy Kraven, Daniel Matthews and Daniel’s girlfriend Dani Rawlings.

The scene cut to the ring where Austin Briggs welcomed everyone to this huge event.
Obviously the 100th event was a milestone for the Ohio Wrestling Federation, and everyone couldn’t be more proud.

Zoey Kiehl vs Roxi Haacke
Starting out the night with a little animosity as these two women simply didn’t like each other. Roxi had the power advantage which was pretty obvious. Didn’t stop Zoey from accepting the request for a battle of strength. Roxi got the upperhand with it, but hit a kick to the gut and a Northern lights suplex anyway.

Haacke stayed on her opponent, working on her lower back and picking her up in a torture rack. Zoey was in pain, but fought and fought and eventually escaped, sliding off of Roxi’s shoulders and landing on her feet. She proceeded to hit a lung blower. Zoey stayed on the offensive, hitting the ropes and delivering a hard kick. Zoey then went up top and hit an impressive frog splash for a two count.

Roxi eventually gained the upperhand, hitting a awesome clothesline. She followed it up with a powerbomb, slamming Zoey down like a rag doll. But Roxi only got a two count. Roxi couldn’t believe it, and set Zoey up for her Running Powerslam. But Zoey slipped out of Roxi’s grip and hit a shining wizard that rocked her opponent. Zoey then hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the three count.

Zoey stood proudly in the center of the ring. She had won the opening matchup of OWF 100!

Trey Hawkins vs JJ Perry
JJ Perry made his official OWF debut, all smiles as he made his entrance. The match began with a handshake. And the match was filled with highly athletic and exciting moves. Trey seemed to have the upperhand for a lot of the match off and on as he has the experience advantage. But it was JJ hitting the Muscle Buster out of the corner for be three count.

After the match JJ helped Trey up. They embraced as the crowd cheered for them both.

Erika Storm vs Lisa Ann Graves
Another match filled with hatred. Lisa Ann Graves seemed to always have her friends Nikki Griffin and Sierra St James by her side when she would come out to beat Erika Storm up, but tonight Lisa came to the ring alone.

Of course as the match raged on, and Erika gained the upperhand, Nikki and Sierra casually walked down the isle. They acted as if they were simply coming down to get a better look, but when Nikki got up on the apron it was clear that they were there to again help Lisa. Sierra quickly got into the ring and attacked Erika from behind. Lisa and Sierra put the boots to Erika, pummeling her to the mat before hitting a hard double suplex. Lisa went for the pin, but Erika kicked out at two. Nikki and Sierra couldn’t believe it. Neither could Lisa.

So Lisa called for Sierra, who jumped up in the apron and distracted the ref. Nikki now entered the ring to help Lisa out. They again pummeled Storm to the mat before pulling her up and hitting a flapjack into DDT combo. Nikki rolled out of the ring as Lisa pinned her opponent. As the referee went to make the count, Hope Jamison made her way down the isle. Hope had taken part in the 16-to-1 Tournament just like Erika Storm. As Hope arrived at ringside Sierra confronted her, but was destroyed with an elbow to the face. Nikki quickly came to the aide of Sierra with Lisa coming to the outside as well. As the two went after Hope, Erika hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to Lisa and Nikki, knocking them down at the foot of the entrance ramp.

Eventually this turned into a huge brawl. The referee called for the bell and threw the match out. Unfortunately for Erika and Hope the numbers game was a huge factor. Lisa, Nikki and Sierra got the best of their opponents and left them laying on the entrance ramp.

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OWF Tag Team Titles
(c) The Tamatoas vs Population Control

Population Control had seemed to easily run through the tag team division of the OWF. Most of their matches were squash match. But this match was different. The Tamatoas weren’t push overs. In fact, they had held the OWF Tag Team Titles since August 8. The Tamatoas were solid strikers, as well as brawlers. And they brought it to Zeke and Able. However, the size difference was huge. Zeke and Able proceeded to flatten the Tag Champs. And after Zeke buried Kanoa with a huge Powerbomb, he made the pin and got the three count. Gary Kearns had led his impressive tag team to the OWF Tag Team Championships, and an undefeated streak as well.

After the match Zeke and Able stood with their Tag Team Titles on their broad shoulders. They looked down at the reigning FFP Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery in the front row. Gary then got on the microphone, stating that Population Control was THE best tag team in all of professional wrestling. Seemed like a challenge to Assault & Battery.

OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Amber Moxley & Kimber Stiles vs Hannah Rush & Kinley Bow

Amber and Kimber were both very successful technical wrestlers. Hannah and Kinley were at a disadvantage when it came to not ply technical wrestling, but experience to boot. Hannah and Kinley gained an early advantage, using brawling and attempting to pummel down Amber and Kimber. But the OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions were conditioned. An Amber Moxley spinebuster to Hannah was the game changer. Kimber Stiles then came in and capitalized, hitting the Curb Stomp on Hannah for the three count.

After the match the Women’s Tag Champs took their titles and walked up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile, Kinley check on Hannah. But quickly they were interrupted. The 16-to-1 Tournament Champion Jaqueline Aulstrike walked down the isle. The menacing Jaqueline stood over the challengers, as Kinley peered up looking extremely intimidated. She slowly pushed herself to her feet, still having to look up at Aulstrike. Jaqueline quickly rocked Kinley with a hard right hand. She sent her into the ropes and slammed her to the mat with the Pop-Up Powerbomb. She stood over the Joe motionless Kinley Bow, before turning and delivering a big splash to Hannah Rush. Aulstrike stood over the Cincinnati Home Wrecking Crew as the Cincinnati crowd let her know their dislike with boo’s throughout the arena.

OWF’s First Cage Match
Hunter Chase vs Lafter

The OWF’s very first Cage Match, and the Cincinnati fans were pumped for it. Hunter Chase came out first, and had to wait as Lafter’s music played. Lullaby came out onto the entrance stage, but there was no sign of Lafter. He finally showed up by climbing up the cage behind Hunter. He snuck behind Hunter and blasted him with a clothesline from behind. The match began as Lafter pummeled his opponent. These two had been feuding for quite sometime with Lafter always seeming to get the upperhand. However, as he set Hunter up for an inverted DDT, Hunter reversed into a Northern lights suplex. Lafter got back up but was cracked with a Superkick. Hunter then grabbed the evil clown by his hair and rammed his face into the cage.

Chase continued, ramming Lafter’s face into the cage repeatedly. Lafter’s paint began chipping off as he was rammed into the cage. Hunter then backed away and charged, but Lafter moved and Hunter slammed into the cage. Lafter then hit a German suplex, followed by a STO. Hunter was dazed. But Lafter only got a two count. The match continued.

It was obvious as the match went on that Hunter would have the upperhand. He seemed to be the better all-around athlete. He even hit a turnbuckle powerbomb followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. As Hunter seemed to have the match well in hand, Lullaby began to scale up the cage. The crowd stood in excitement as Lullaby stood atop the cage. Hunter watched, wondering what she was going to do. But the distraction was enough for Lafter to get back up, turn Hunter around and spit a bright green mist into his face. Chase was blinded. He stumbled backward and turned around, only to get hit with a huge dive from the top of the cage courtesy of Lullaby. Hunter was down.

Lafter then grabbed Hunter, pulled him up and spiked him with a double underhook piledriver. Lafter hooked Hunter’s leg. 1…2…3! Due to Lullaby’s interference, diving off of the top of the cage, Lafter was able to capitalize and win the match. The crowd booed as the macabre couple left the cage.

The scene cut backstage where Austin Briggs was being interviewed by Francine Davis. Briggs made the announcement that he had signed a former OWF wrestler to a contract. Then, he welcomed Izzy Laroo into the picture. Izzy said that she got wrapped up in stupid politics and drama last time around but that this time she was here to do what she loves, wrestle. Briggs said that he saw huge potential in Izzy and couldn’t wait to see her back in the ring.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Chloe Banks vs Fiona Burke

Both of these women felt that they were absolutely the best. Also both of them possessed great wrestling skills that they were ready to showcase to the Cincinnati crowd.

It took a few moments for both wrestlers to feel each other out. The Champion gained the upperhand early, using basic moves like a headlock into a takeover, a couple dropkick and an armdrag. She went for her finisher, Shatter Your Dreams, but Fiona escaped and hit a clothesline. Burke hit a spear that sent both women falling through the ropes and crashing to the arena floor. On the outside they traded punches and forearms as the official made his mandatory 20 count. He got to 16 before Chloe and Fiona made their way back in the ring. Chloe made it into the ring first and attacked Fiona as she slid back in. Banks continued with the kicks and stomps. She pulled Fiona up and hit a DDT. Chloe hooked Fiona’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Fiona kicked out. But Chloe stayed on her, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and hitting a diving knee drop to the head. Chloe then pulled Fiona up and hit her finisher. The moved was called Shatter Your Dreams, and that’s what Chloe was going for.

Chloe hooked Fiona’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Fiona kicked out again! How?! Chloe couldn’t believe it. She got up and began yelling at the referee. And while she was distracted, Fiona got back up and rolled Chloe up. The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Chloe kicked out.

Chloe got back up, extremely upset that Fiona almost pulled out the victory. She charged at the challenger and leveled her with s running knee, sending Fiona tumbling to the outside again. Chloe followed, putting the boots to Fiona before pulling her up and violently whipping her into the steel guardrail by her hair…three times.

Chloe slid back into the ring and instructed the referee to count Fiona out. Obviously Chloe simply wanted to win by count out and leave with her championship.

The referee began his count. Chloe demanded he count faster, which actually slowed him down as he kept telling her to step back into her corner. Fiona began crawling toward the ropes at about the count of 12. She pulled herself up using the bottom rope of the ring. Fiona slid into the ring at the count of 18. But Chloe quickly rushed over and pummeled the challenger down. Then she tossed her inbetween the ropes and to the arena floor. Banks demanded the referee count again.

This time, Fiona got into the ring at the count of 19. Chloe pulled Fiona up and screamed for her to stay down. She hooked Fiona and set her up for the ultimate humiliation, hitting her with her own finishing move, the FAB Drop. She set her up, but Fiona escaped, and hit a hard clothesline. Chloe got back up, but was hit with another clothesline. Banks for up once more, but was planted with a spinebuster. Fiona then slowly ascended to the top rope. She called for a frog splash, and attempted the move. But Chloe got her knees up. Fiona slammed into Chloe’s knees and was obviously in excruciating pain. Chloe looked out to the crowd and pointed at her head, as if to say she was too smart for that. Chloe pulled Fiona back up and hit Shatter Your Dreams again! Chloe then quickly went for the pin.

1…2… and Fiona kicked out! The Cincinnati crowd couldn’t believe it! Neither could Chloe. She questioned the referee again. Then she looked down at Fiona who was attempting to get to her feet. Chloe went to the outside and grabbed ahold of the Women’s Title. She slid into the ring, and waited as Fiona was fighting to get to her feet. Chloe was obviously more than happy to get herself disqualified so she could leave with her Championship intact. But when she attempted to strike Fiona with the belt, Burke ducked it and hit a Superkick. Banks stumbled back and fell to her butt. Fiona followed up with a running dropkick to Chloe’s face. Fiona pulled Chloe up, hooked her head and her leg, and planted her with the FAB Drop. Burke then made the cover. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke was the new OWF Women’s Champion!

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The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was speaking with Zoey Kiehl. Kiehl was still very excited off of her opening match victory over Roxi Haacke. She spoke about what an honor it was to wrestle at OWF 100. However, as she spoke Chloe Banks arrived backstage after her loss. Banks immediately accused Zoey of looking at her. Zoey said she wasn’t, but Chloe hit her with a hard and loud slap across the face. The force caused Zoey to fall back to the concrete floor. Chloe then stormed off as Zoey looked absolutely shocked.

OWF Championship
(c) Blaine Edwards vs Hayden Flowers

A very technical wrestling match that saw the Cincinnati crowd completely split right down the middle. Tons of Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers signs were around the OWF Arena, even some encouraging them to team up and go after the OWF Tag Team Titles.

The match began with headlocks and arm drags. Both guys looking for an opening. Aubrey Moresi was even spotted in the front row, watching and rooting on her boyfriend Hayden. She hopped to he feet, screamed out and clapped when he ducked a clothesline and hit an impressive high angle dropkick sending Edwards crashing to the mat.

Blaine gained back the upperhand, slowing the match down and hitting the first big move, a brainbuster for a two count. Blaine stayed on Hayden, hitting a suplex and a leg drop. But Blaine went up top for a Macho Man style flying double axe handle, and caught a right hand to the gut instead. Blaine fell to his hands and knees. He quickly got back to his feet but was slammed to the mat with a bulldog. Hayden went to the middle rope and next hit a dropkick from the turnbuckle. Hayden has the momentum.

Blaine fought back with strikes, and hit the ropes attempting a running clothesline, but Flowers ducked it and hit a tilt-a-whirl spinning backbreaker. Edwards fought to get back to his feet but Hayden hit a German suplex. He kept his hands locked, and continued, hitting two more German suplexes before releasing the hold. Hayden then went up top. One of his key moves was the Frog Splash, but instead he went for a Chris Benoit style flying headbutt. Blaine moved. Hayden crashed to the mat. And Blaine hooked on a Crossface.

Hayden reached out for the ropes as Blaine wrenched back on his head. Flowers obviously in pain, tried reaching, stretching and scooting toward the bottom rope. He used his hands to try to break Blaine’s grip, but the Champion had the hold locked in. Hayden hooked his arm under Blaine’s leg and pulled it up, rolling Blaine on his back and holding him for a pin. 1…2… and Blaine released the hold, kicking out at the same time. He got back up quick, but so did Hayden. Blaine blasted him with a European uppercut. Then he hooked his arms and planted him with his finisher, the Tiger Driver. Edwards hooked Hayden’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Hayden got his shoulder up just in time.

Blaine couldn’t believe it. He grabbed Hayden’s arm and locked him in the Crossface again. Hayden was definitely in danger of losing. He reached out for the ropes, but was groggy from the Tiger Driver. Edwards continued wrenching back. But Hayden began to fight up onto his knees. Blaine continued wrenching back, but Hayden used the momentum to roll Blaine back onto his shoulders. Hayden put as much of his body weight on Blaine. 1…2… and Blaine kicked out. Both superstars were quick to their feet, and charged. Leveling each other with clotheslines at the same time. Both men were down.

Blaine and Hayden slowly pushed themselves up, and began to trade wild punches. Eventually Blaine missed a wild right opening him up for an old school atomic drop. Hayden then hit the ropes and rocked Blaine with a running knee to the jaw. Flowers sent Blaine back into the ropes and delivered a sling blade. Hayden went for the cover. 1…2… Blaine kicked out again!

Hayden pulled Blaine up and the two began to trade stiff shots again. Chops, right hands, left hands, and European uppercuts. Blaine gained the upperhand and scooped Hayden up, setting him up on the top rope. The OWF Champion climbed up along with Hayden and set him up for a super Tiger Driver. But Hayden kept a tight hold of the ropes, not allowing Blaine to deliver the move. They continued trading strikes up top. Hayden gained the upperhand off of a hard elbow. He hooked Blaine’s head and delivered a dangerous brainbuster off the top rope. Blaine was out, but Hayden was hurt as well. Hayden crawled toward Blaine’s body. But instead of going for the pin, he grabbed the ropes, and climbed up top once more. As Blaine lie motionless on the mat, Flowers climbed to the top rope and went for his Frog Splash. But Blaine got his knees up. Hayden crashed into Blaine’s knees, knocking the wind right out of his body. Blaine then hooked Hayden in a tight small package, rolling him onto his shoulders.

The referee slid into position and made the count. 1…2…3! Blaine Edwards retained the OWF Championship in what could arguably be called the OWF’s best match ever in their biggest event ever!

After Blaine was handed his OWF Championship, he helped Hayden up and extended his hand for a handshake. Hayden looked at Blaine’s hand, then into the crowd. The Cincinnati crowd cheered as Hayden accepted Blaine’s handshake and left the ring to the victor.

Hayden walked over to Aubrey and wrapped her in a hug as Blaine stood on the middle rope holding his Championship in the air. As Blaine held the OWF Title in the air, pyro went off in the arena. This is how OWF 100 came to an end.


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