OWF 101: The New Beginning

Austin Briggs has dubbed this upcoming Monday’s OWF show to be called OWF 101, The New Beginning. Coming off of arguably the greatest event in OWF history, it seems only fitting to have a new beginning.

Many of the OWF superstars feel the same way, and have went to Twitter to use the hashtag #OWF101TheNewBeginning.

So far scheduled to take place at this event is, Blaine Edwards defending the OWF Championship (opponent not known as of yet), Hayden Flowers defending the OWF Network Championship against Malakai, the new OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control defending against the Tamatoas, and Erika Storm and Hope Jamison teaming up against two of the three members of the group which includes Lisa Ann Graves, Nikki Griffin and Sierra St James.

It’s still unbelievable that the OWF has put on 100 shows. We look forward to the next 100 as well! Join us for OWF 101!


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