12/26/2016 OWF Event #102

OWF Event #102
December 26, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with a brawl backstage. It was Erika Storm and Hope Jamison getting attacked by Lisa Ann Graves, Nikki Griffin and Sierra St James. Erika and Hope held their own for a short amount of time, but like always, the numbers game was too much.

OWF security intervened as soon as possible and pulled the attacking trio away.

JJ Perry vs Tadashi Akawa
A very entertaining match. Both superstars hit some really nice strikes. JJ won the match by pinfall with a fisherman brainbuster into a small package.

Izzy Laroo vs Lullaby
A fairly violent match that saw Lafter come down to assist Lullaby. But this brought out Hunter Chase who tore into Lafter, not only rocking him with fists, but planting him with a DDT on the steel entrance ramp. Izzy ended up winning the match with a bridging German suplex.

After the match Hunter climbed in the ring and hugged Izzy.

OWF Tag Team Titles
(c) Population Control vs Dixon Boys

Population Control destroyed the Dixon Boys and win by pinfall.

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In the Ring
Austin Briggs came out and announced that tonight’s main event, Chloe Banks vs Zoey Kiehl, would crown a new number one contender to the OWF Women’s Championship.

Chloe Banks vs Zoey Kiehl
A hard hitting match that the crowd absolutely loved. Zoey came out hot, hitting Chloe with everything. But Banks turned the tide with a cheap shot to the threat. Chloe then rolled Zoey up in a school boy and pulled the tights for the three count.

After the match Zoey questioned the referee and turned back to Chloe, but was quickly attacked by Chloe again. OWF security quickly intervened as Chloe got the best of Zoey.


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