01/09/2017 OWF Event #104

OWF Event #104
January 9, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

JJ Perry vs Edgar O’Sullivan
A very technical and entertaining match. The Cincinnati crowd loved it, and loved both competitors. JJ won the match with a Death Valley Driver.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis tried to get a word with Lafter and Lullaby. As they spoke ill about Hunter Chase and Izzy Laroo, Hunter and Izzy attacked, from behind. They used the same style of tactics that Lafter and Lullaby used on them, getting the upperhand on the two evil superstars.

Cincinnati Home Wrecking Crew vs Lanie Robinson & Jasmin
A rematch from last week that saw the Cincinnati Home Wrecking Crew pull off another victory.

After the match however, Jaqueline Aulstrike came out and pummeled both of the victors.

Number One Contender Match
Tamatoas vs Dixon Boys

Back and forth match that saw the Dixons win after Jeremiah spiked Kalino with a Package Piledriver.

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The scene cut backstage where Erika Storm and Hope Jamison were speaking with Francine Davis. They issued a challenge to the group they call the Trio of Rejects (Lisa Ann Graves, Nikki Griffin and Sierra St James) for a match next week at OWF #105. Erika said that they have a special surprise for their opposition.

The scene now quickly changed to a different location backstage where Zoey Kiehl and Chloe Banks were engaged in a very violent fight in the hallway. OWF security rushed in to separate the girls. Zoey was left with a bloody nose as she was pulled away by security.

Non-Title Match
Fiona Burke vs Juno Frost

A very good match which saw a mixture of two styles. Juno Frost brought her brawling game, but it wasn’t enough. After being hit with the FAB Drop, Juno was down for the count. Fiona covered her and got the three count.

After the match however, Juno attacked Fiona as she was exiting the ring. She repeatedly slammed Fiona’s head up against the steel ring steps. OWF security finally came out and pulled Juno away.


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