02/20/2017 OWF Event #110

OWF Event #110
February 20, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with Austin Briggs, the interim-Commissioner of the OWF. Briggs announced that tonight would be his last Monday OWF show as the interim-Commissioner, so he booked Blaine vs Hayden for the OWF Title to go out with a bang. Briggs said that he was extremely proud of his time in the OWF, but he was extremely excited to be going back to the main roster, next Sunday doing guest commentary at Desperate Measures before finally starting to wrestle again.

Austin then announced that the third inductee into the OWF Hall of Fame would be the same man who would step back into the OWF as the full time commissioner, and head trainer…Duncan Wright!

Duncan Wright came out and thanked Austin. He said that Austin had done a fine job, and that he would try to continue building the OWF after Briggs went back to FFP.

Jaqueline Aulstrike vs Caitlin Cruz
Jaqueline Aulstrike won the match after only a few minutes, and the Pop-Up Powerbomb.

On February 26, 2017 FFP presents FFP Desperate Measures. The FFP World Championship will be on the line when Daniel Matthews defends against Odell Porter in what will surely be a classic. Also, Matt Kraven defends the HONOR World Title against Katashi Goya. Don’t miss this show!

The scene cut backstage where Michael Graham and Deshaun Reed barged into Austin Briggs’ office. Briggs was there with Duncan Wright. Graham said that Deshaun Reed was scheduled to wrestle for the OWF Title at We Earned This, and no matter who wins tonight, Deshaun should face at the pay-per-view. Austin assured Michael that either way, Deshaun would get a title shot.

Damien Bishop vs Kalino Tamatoa
A back and forth match with Kalino hitting a couple moves from the top. However it was Damien Bishop scoring the pinfall after a Powerbomb.

The scene cut to a dark room where Lafter and Lullaby spoke about their Anything Goes Mixed Tag Match at OWF We Earned This. They both promised that Hunter Chase and Izzy Laroo would be decimated.

Hannah Rush vs Izzy Laroo
Hannah Rush showed a lot of promise, using some technical moves to wear Izzy down. The turning point came when Izzy hit a blockbuster from the middle rope. Izzy followed that up with a Flying Knee Drop for the pin.

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The scene cut backstage to Gary Kearns and the OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control. Gary Kearns said that the OWF hadn’t seen a more dominant tag team like Population Control. Kearns guaranteed that Zeke and Able would old the Tag Titles much longer than any team in OWF history.

Hunter Chase vs Trey Hawkins
A very entertaining and technical match. Back and forth with both men hitting some impressive and effective moves. Trey Hawkins hit a super bomb that seemed to be the end. But Hunter kicked out at two. Trey followed up with a Superkick, but he got another two count. Chase fought back, hitting a missile dropkick and a gutwrench suplex. Hunter then hit a spinebuster, and locked Trey in Chasing the Lion for the submission victory.

Fiona Burke & Cosmic Cupcake vs Juno Frost & Chloe Banks
A little preview of the upcoming OWF We Earned This pay-per-view as Fiona Burke and Juno Frost had a chance to go head-to-head. They did, with Juno getting the advantage with a cheap shot. When Fiona attempted to retaliate, Juno quickly tagged out. The match came to an end when Fiona was stunned by Chloe Banks, and Juno tagged herself in, rolling Fiona up and pulling the tights for the three count.

Juno celebrated like she had just won the OWF Women’s Title. Would she be able to pin Fiona’s shoulders to the mat this Saturday?

On February 25, one night before FFP Desperate Measures, the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s first ever pay-per-view, OWF We Earned This. On this ground breaking show, we will also see the first ever class get inducted into the OWF Hall of Fame! You won’t want to miss this!

The scene cut backstage as Zoey Kiehl was settling in in front of a monitor to watch her boyfriend Blaine Edwards defend his OWF Title. As she took a seat she was blasted from behind, knocked completely out of her hair and onto the concrete floor. She was slow to get up, and looked shocked when she looked up and saw her attacker. It was Jaqueline Aulstrike. Jaqueline pulled Zoey up by her black hair, and whipped her violently into the monitor. The monitor shattered and fell to the ground. Zoey fell down as well. Aulstrike stood over Zoey, looking down, satisfied that she knocked Zoey out that quickly.

OWF Title
(c) Blaine Edwards vs Hayden Flowers

Another match that was back and forth the entire way. The Cincinnati crowd loved this match and couldn’t seem to decide who they wanted to see win. Hayden hit a brainbuster for a close two count. Blaine battled back, with a leg lariat and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. He went up top for a flying headbutt, but Flowers moved out of the way. After Blaine crashes to the mat below, Hayden hit the OWF Champion with a half-and-half suplex. Blaine was knocked groggy. Flowers covered him, but Blaine got his shoulder up just in the nick of time. Hayden then went up top, signaling for his Frog Splash. He successfully hit the move, but again Blaine was somehow able to kick out.

Just then, Blaine’s opponent for OWF We Earned This, Deshaun Reed came down to ringside with Michael Graham. Obviously Deshaun was interested in this match, as he was facing Blaine at the pay-per-view, and most likely wanted to see Blaine retain so that he would indeed get his title shot on Saturday.

Hayden pulled Blaine up and went for another suplex, but Blaine reversed into a small package for a two count. After Hayden got out of the pin attempt Blaine cracked him with a Superkick. Blaine pulled Hayden up and hit a stalling German suplex. Edwards then hit the ropes and took Deshaun Reed down with a dive over the top rope. He went back into the ring and keyed in on Hayden, setting him up for the Tiger Driver. But as he was about to deliver his finisher, Reed jumped onto the apron and shouted out. The distraction was just enough for Hayden to hook Blaine’s legs and roll him up. 1…2… and Blaine was able to kick out. Hayden got back up but was met by Blaine, with a belly to belly. Blaine then proceeded to hit Deshaun with a dropkick, sending him crashing into Michael Graham on the arena floor. Hayden grabbed Blaine and set him up for a German suplex, but Blaine escaped Hayden’s grip and hit a back elbow. Edwards then hit the ropes and hit an awesome running big boot. Blaine pulled Hayden up and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Blaine hooked Hayden’s leg. 1…2…3! Blaine Edwards retained the OWF Title.

But as soon as Blaine was presented the title, and he began to hoist it into the air, he was floored from behind with a running knee to the upper back, courtesy of Deshaun Reed. Deshaun then grabbed the OWF Championship. As Blaine got back up, Deshaun hit him with the championship to the skull. Edwards fell to the mat. He was out. Deshaun then stood over Blaine, holding the OWF Title in the air. The crowd booed as Deshaun stood proudly with Michael Graham by his side.


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