02/25/2017 OWF We Earned This (PPV)

OWF We Earned This – February 25, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with fireworks all over the entrance stage and the ring posts. The crowd in Cincinnati was loud. They were ready for OWF’s first ever pay-per-view. The camera panned to the crowd where we saw former OWF stars such as Ashley King and Connor Campbell, Jacinta Stutz and others. We also saw in the crowd, FFP superstars such as the FFP Women’s Television Champion Aubrey Moresi, the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven and Veronica Clyne.

Anything Goes Mixed Tag Match
Hunter Chase & Izzy Laroo vs Lafter & Lullaby

An intense battle right off the bat. Hunter and Lafter traded rights and lefts before taking turns hitting a couple big moves each. Both men hit the ropes and collided with simultaneous cross body blocks. Their bodies crashed into each other, sending them both tumbling to the mat. They both crawled to their corners and tagged their female tag partners. Izzy and Lullaby came in with the same intensity. Trading shots before Izzy hit Lullaby with a Northern lights suplex. Lullaby hurried back to her feet but was thrown down with a hurricanrana. Izzy then waited for Lullaby to get back up once more. She charged, but Lullaby caught her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Lullaby pulled Izzy up by her hair and planted her with a DDT. She went up to the middle rope and went for a flying dropkick, but Izzy caught Lullaby’s legs and proceeded to slingshot her across the ring.

A memorable part of the match was when Lullaby and Izzy both grabbed steel chairs and squared off. They traded shots, trying to gain the upperhand. After several chairshots to the other, Izzy gained the upperhand, hitting Lullaby in the ribs with the chair, then cracking her across the back. Eventually lullaby fought back and both women wound up hitting the other in the head with the chairs, at the same time. Both ladies went down.

Izzy tagged in Hunter as Lullaby tagged Lafter. The two men met in the middle of the ring again, this time with Hunter hitting a couple of elbows, sending Lafter into the ropes and hitting a big spinebuster. Hunter then went to the outside of the ring and grabbed a felt bag that he apparently had stashed earlier. He brought it into the ring and opened it. It was filled with thumbtacks. Chase poured the tacks onto the mat. He then pulled Lafter up and hit him with an awesome powerbomb on the tacks. The Cincinnati crowd couldn’t believe it. Chase then locked Lafter in his finisher, Chasing the Lion right on the tacks. Lafter struggled to get to the ropes. Lullaby got into the ring to try to interfere, but was speared to the mat by Izzy Laroo. Lafter had no choice but to tap out.

Hunter and Izzy embraced. They had defeated their rivals. It had been a long time coming. They raised their arms in victory as the Cincinnati crowd cheered. But the cheers quickly stopped when Lafter and Lullaby attacked the victors from behind. Lullaby whipped Izzy down by her blonde hair as Lafter hit Hunter with a chop block. They pummeled the two down. Lafter then went to the outside and pulled a bag out. In the bag, he had zip ties. He pulled Hunter out of the ring and rammed him into the steel ring post. Then, he zip tied his arms around the post. Then he went back into the ring. Lafter and Lullaby then put Izzy up in the corner in a tree of woe. They zip tied her feet around the top turnbuckle. After Lullaby delivered a running dropkick to the upside down Izzy Laroo, Lafter went back to the outside of the ring. He pulled a cheese grater out from under the ring. With a smile on his face, he handed Lullaby the dangerous weapon. Lullaby then used it over and over again on Izzy’s forehead, drawing blood.

Finally, OWF security rushed to the ring. It took a few moments, but they finally pulled Lafter and Lullaby out of the ring.

Hayden Flowers vs Dakudoragon
A very athletic match that not only saw both men use impressive technical wrestling skills, but everything from brawling to high flying. Hayden hit a Michinoku Driver for a close two count. Dakudoragon gained the upperhand with a couple kicks and a springboard moonsault. He followed that up with a shining wizard for a two count. He waited for Hayden to get back up and attempted another shining wizard, but Hayden caught his opponent and hit a running powerbomb. Flowers then went up top and attempted the Frog Splash. But the masked superstar got his knees up. Then he hooked Hayden in a Crossface. Hayden reached and stretched, eventually reaching the ropes. Dakudoragon now pulled Hayden up and went for a brainbuster, but Hayden drove his knee into the top of Dakudoragon’s head. He then dropped down behind him and hit a German suplex. Hayden followed up with a big clothesline, then a double underhook backbreaker. Hayden then went up top to attempt another Frog Splash. But Dakudoragon stopped him in his tracks with a jumping kick to the head. He joined Hayden up top and hit an impressive hurricanrana off the top rope. He then pulled Hayden up and drove him to the mat with an Electric Chair Driver. Dakudoragon hooked Hayden’s leg. 1…2…3! Dakudoragon had won the rubber match against Hayden Flowers.

After the match Dakudoragon helped Hayden up. Flowers shook the masked superstar’s hand. Hayden embraced his opponent as the Cincinnati crowd gave them a standing ovation. They began chanting “Thank You Hayden”.

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Six-Woman Tag Match
Erika Storm, Hope Jamison & Courtney Kennedy vs Lisa Ann Graves, Nikki Griffin & Sierra St James

This was a very hard hitting matchup from bell to bell, featuring a very heated OWF feud. All of these six ladies enjoyed time in the match where they were on top. Sierra St James hit a beautiful missile dropkick on Erika Storm for a two count. Sierra drug Erika into her corner where quick tags occurred. Lisa, Nikki and Sierra took turns beating on Erika, until Storm turned Nikki inside out with a clothesline. She tagged Hope Jamison in who continued working Nikki Griffin down. That is until Nikki caught Hope in a fireman’s carry and hit her with a John Cena style takeover. Griffin tagged Lisa Ann Graves in who began putting the stomps to Hope.

Eventually Lisa missed a leg drop from the middle rope, and Hope tagged in Courtney Kennedy, who brought the speed. She took Lisa down a couple times until Lisa tagged Sierra back in. Sierra and Courtney squared off and put on one hell of a performance. The Cincinnati crowd loved it. Eventually Kennedy hit a flapjack and a Superkick before tagging Erika Storm back in. Erika hit Sierra with her finisher, the Pedigree for the three count. While the referee counted, Lisa and Nikki dropped from the ring apron and retreated.

In the Ring
Zoey Kiehl came down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. She said that she was tired of being attacked from behind and said that if Jaqueline Aulstrike wanted to come to her face-to-face that Zoey would take her on.

Aulstrike was quick to make an entrance, walking down the ramp and stepping into the ring. The two went eye-to-eye. After they traded a few words Jaqueline was the first to strike. Gaining the advantage after a couple right hands, Jaqueline sent Zoey into the ropes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb. But Zoey reversed into a hurricanrana. As Jaqueline popped back up onto her knees, Zoey wasted no time blasting her with a Superkick. Aulstrike was stunned. So Zoey hit another Superkick. And then another.

Somehow, after three superkicks, Jaqueline stepped up onto her feet. But Zoey charged, hitting her with a cross body block that sent Jaqueline stumbling back toward the ropes. Both women tumbled over the top rope and spilled out onto the arena floor. Zoey continued the attack, laying in left and right hands. OWF security finally arrived, pulling Zoey off of her giant foe. This war seemed to be far from over, but Zoey won this battle.

OWF Network Title
(c) Malakai vs JJ Perry

A very competitive match. Started out with a handshake. Ended with a handshake. And the OWF crowd loved every minute of it. Malakai and JJ Perry are two of the most athletic wrestlers in the OWF, and possibly in FFP. Malakai struck first with a sling blade followed with a shining wizard and a standing moonsault. He went up top for a splash but Perry moved out of the way and hit s Northern lights suplex. Two arm drags and a fisherman suplex later, Perry hit diving knees into the midsection from the middle rope. JJ pulled Malakai back up, sent him in the ropes and hit a hurricanrana for a two count.

Perry continued working down the champion, hooking on a camel clutch. Malakai eventually fought out, hitting a dropkick to JJ’s back sending him into the ropes. The Network Champion then hit a Rey Mysterio Jr style 619! Malakai went up top and hit a successful 450 Splash. He hooked Perry’s leg. 1…2… and Perry kicked out. The crowd ate it up.

Malakai went for his finisher, You Didn’t Learn That in School, but Perry slipped out of Malakai’s grip and cracked him with a jumping knee to the chin. He hooked one of his arms and spiked him to the mat with the Bloody Sunday. JJ hooked Malakai’s leg. 1…2… and Malakai got his leg on the bottom rope! It was so close! The Cincinnati crowd was shocked. They thought they had a new Network Champion. JJ couldn’t believe it either.

He pulled Malakai up and set him up for the move again, but Malakai reversed into a back body drop. He hit Perry with a diving kick to the face. Then he pulled JJ up and hit him with the You Didn’t Learn That in School. It was all over! Malakai hooked JJ’s leg and held him in the pinning position off the move. 1…2… and JJ KICKED OUT! WHAT?!

Malakai checked with the ref. He looked out into the crowd. What the hell was he going to have to do to keep Perry down?! He looked into the crowd and made a signal with his arms, signaling that this was it. He pulled JJ up and set him up for a Tombstone Piledriver. But JJ kicked his legs, and broke free out of Malakai’s grip. He kept an arm around the champion’s head, and hooked his arm again. He hoisted him up in the air, and sent him crashing to the mat with the Bloody Sunday again! JJ now reached over and hooked Malakai’s leg. 1…2…3! JJ Perry had just won the OWF Network Title!

After the match JJ sat up. He couldn’t believe it. The Cincinnati crowd was all cheers as the referee retrieved the Network Title and brought it into the ring. But Malakai quickly intercepted the title. Then, he looked into JJ’s eyes and handed him the title. The two men shook hands, then embraced. Malakai then left the ring, letting the new champion have his moment.

Tomorrow night FFP presents FFP Desperate Measures. The FFP World Championship will be on the line when Daniel Matthews defends against Odell Porter in what will surely be a classic. Also, Matt Kraven defends the HONOR World Title against Katashi Goya and So much more! Don’t miss this show!

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Fiona Burke vs Juno Frost

This match had a big fight feel to it. Both women started the match out with a lot of cautiousness. Neither wanted to make a mistake, because one mistake could be the difference between leaving the OWF’s first pay-per-view the OWF Women’s Champion, or not. Match started basic. Champ grabs a headlock. Challenger pushes her off. They trade attempts at shoulder tackles. That is until Fiona hits an awesome dropkick after Juno sprung off the ropes. The impact echoed. Fiona probably could’ve went for a cover, but she let Juno get up. She took the redhead down with a snapmare, and rocked her with a dropkick to the back of the head. Fiona then called for her finisher already, the FAB Drop. She pulled Juno up and hooked her for the move. But Juno reversed with a modified Northern lights suplex. Fiona quickly shot up to her feet, but was floored with a clothesline. Burke got up again, but was taken down once more with what WWE’s Naomi called the Rear View…Juno floored Fiona with her butt…

Frost looked down at the Champion. But she was satisfied. Not enough for a pin. So she pulled Fiona up by her pink hair, and planted her with a sidewalk slam in the center of the ring. Juno ascended up top. But Fiona cut her off, hitting a couple punches to the head before firing Juno off the top rope, to the outside of the ring! Juno hit the arena floor hard. Fiona climbed out onto the apron and followed up with an elbow drop from the apron. The referee began his count. Fiona continued laying in punches. This feud had gotten personal over he past couple weeks. Evident by Fiona’s ruthlessness on the outside. Juno caught a thumb to the eye that gave her a second to back away from the Champion. Then she cracked Fiona with a hard kick to the skull. She pulled Burke up and fired her into the steel guardrail. She continue the attack as the referee continued his count. As the two ladies brawled back and forth, the ref reached his count of 20. The match would end on a count out. The bell rang. The crowd booed. Even the ladies seemed confused.

But as the ring announcer was making his announcement, Austin Briggs came out onto the stage. And on his last night as the interim-Commissioner of the OWF, Briggs said that there was no way that this match on the OWF’s first pay-per-view would end in a count out, a disqualification or any other BS reason. Briggs announced that the match would continue, with no count outs and no DQs. “There must be a winner!” The Cincinnati crowd cheered. And the ladies continued their brawl.

Fiona was the first to reach for a weapon. A nearby steel chair that she rammed into Juno’s midsection. As Juno straightened her body back up, Fiona blasted her with a chairshot to the head. Frost went down hard. Fiona dropped the chair, and a smile found its way on her face. She grabbed Juno and whipped her into the ring. She then pulled the redhead up by her hair, and set her up for the FAB Drop. Juno tried to escape, but she was still too groggy. Fiona leveled the challenger with her finisher. She hooked Juno’s leg. 1…2… and the lights in the arena went out.

The commentators speculated. Was it a power outage? Did the arena blow a transformer? Or was this some kind of ploy by Juno Frost?

The lights came back on. Fiona was standing in the middle of the ring, puzzled. Juno was still laid out. Fiona looked around, then hopped back on top of Juno for the pin. 1…2… and the lights went out again! What the heck?!

The lights came back on, and that’s when the Cincinnati crowd as well as the crowd watching on the FFP Network were clued in to what was going on. OWF newcomers Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson were standing in the ring. In front of Fiona who had stood back up when the lights were out. Fiona saw them, looked down at Juno and back at the newcomers. Then, she went at them. But they had no problem pummeling Fiona down. The two women went to the outside, pulled a table out from under the ring and slid it in. They set it up, and continued beating on Fiona. By now Juno had regained consciousness. And with an evil smile on her face, she watched the OWF’s new duo hoist Fiona up into the air and slam her through the table. The table shattered. Juno got up onto her knees, putting her arms out to her sides. She closed her eyes and slowly brought her head back. Dahlia and Rosie pulled Fiona’s limp body from the remains of the table and set her in front of Juno. Juno now leaned down, placing her hands on Fiona’s chest. Dahlia and Rosie dropped to their knees as the confused referee made his count. 1…2…3. Juno Frost was the new OWF Women’s Champion. With a major assist from Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson.

Juno stood up in the ring. Dahlia and Rosie grabbed the OWF Women’s Championship and strapped it around her waist. Then they got down on their knees, looking up at the new Champion, with their hands on her belt. Juno stood with her head back, and her arms held out to her sides.

The OWF Hall of Fame Class of 2017
An awesome video package highlighted the OWF careers of the first ever OWF Women’s Champion Katrina, the first ever OWF Champion Mason Wolfe, and Duncan Wright, who was currently the OWF Head Trainer, and starting tomorrow, the Commissioner of the OWF.

The three thanked the Cincinnati crowd as well as the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Katrina and Mason both teased be crowd, hinting at OWF returns. Duncan promised to continue providing the absolute best training for the OWF trainees, and also promised to do his best as the OWF Commissioner.

OWF Title
(c) Blaine Edwards vs Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham

Both wrestlers were very cautious not to make a mistake. Blaine Edwards had held the OWF Championship for 145 days, which is the longest OWF Title reign in company history. He looked to continue adding onto this impressive feat. Then again, Deshaun Reed was looking to be the man to put an end to this history making reign, and not squander one of the biggest chances he had had in his career.

Test of strength, with Blaine getting the best of Deshaun, that is until Reed broke free from Blaine’s grip and rolled him up for a one count. Both wrestlers popped back up and began to trade some solid forearms to the jaw. The sound echoed throughout He arena. Forearms turned to punches. Punches to knife edge chops. The Cincinnati crowd ate it up.

Blaine hit a running knee that stunned the challenger. Followed it up with a snap suplex, then a leg drop from the middle rope. Deshaun fought back, hitting an impressive sequence of moves where he hit a European uppercut, springboarded off the middle rope, turned on mid-air, hooked Blaine’s head and hit an awesome spinning DDT. Deshaun hooked Blaine’s leg, but the OWF Champion kicked out at two. Reed followed it up by pulling Blaine up, scooping him up onto a torture rack, and dropping him over his head crashing Blaine’s ribs into his knees. Deshaun hit the ropes and delivered a dropkick to Blaine’s head. He went for another pin. Michael Graham cheered him on at ringside. 1…2… and Blaine kicked out. But Deshaun wasn’t done. He pulled Blaine up once again, and hit an awesome back suplex that nearly caused Blaine to land right on the back of his head.

Deshaun then ascended to the top rope. He waited, and called for Blaine to get up. Once Edwards was up Deshaun went for a big boot off the top, but Blaine caught the challenger’s leg and hit a dragon leg screw. Edwards then hooked Deshaun into an STF, in the center of the ring. Graham pleaded with Deshaun not to tap out. Reed reached for the ropes. He grabbed Blaine’s hands, attempting to break the hold. Deshaun was in a considerable amount of pain by the look on his face. And just as it seemed he was going to be able to break Blaine’s grip, the OWF Champion released, rolled off of Reed, grabbed his legs and locked him in the Sharpshooter. Bret Hart would’ve been proud.

Reed’s back was really in pain. He attempted to scoot himself and Blaine to the ropes. Reaching, clawing, stretching, yelling. Blaine wrenched back. And although Deshaun was in a great amount of pain, Blaine could tell he wasn’t going to make him submit. Blaine released the hold. He pulled Deshaun up and set him up for the Tiger Driver. But Reed reversed into a modified small package pin. 1…2… and Blaine kicked out. Both men got back to their feet, but Blaine caught the challenger with a spinebuster. Blaine now climbed to the top rope. He attempted a move he had never performed in the OWF before. The 450 Splash. But Deshaun got his knees up. Blaine crashed into Reed’s knees. Edwards rolled around in pain, holding his ribs. Deshaun pulled the Champ up and hit him with a rib buster. Then he whipped him into the corner. Deshaun hit a couple knees to the ribs before he forced Blaine’s body inbetween the top and middle turnbuckle. Reed back away, then charged. Hitting a running knee to Blaine’s ribs.

The Champion was in trouble. Deshaun pulled him out of the corner and hooked his arms behind him, setting him up for his new finishing move, the Deshaun Driller, a double underhook piledriver. Blaine kicked his feet. Attempting to break free from the move. Finally, he did. He hit a couple forearms on Deshaun, but Reed put a quick stop to it with a dropkick to the ribs. Blaine fell to his hands and knees in pain. Deshaun then pulled the OWF Champion back up, and this time successfully spiked him into the mat with the Deshaun Driller. Deshaun then hooked Blaine’s leg. 1…2…3! Deshaun Reed just became the OWF Champion!

Michael Graham grabbed the OWF Title. And with an evil smile on his face, Graham strapped the title around his client’s waist. Reed raised his arms in the air. The crowd booed. It was one hell of a match, but the Cincinnati crowd was solidly behind Blaine Edwards retaining. Deshaun stood over Blaine, looking into the crowd with his arms in the air.

As the show came to an end, the OWF commentators made note that the OWF had three new champions, and it seemed as if there was a new era rushing into the OWF. Orange and black confetti fell from ceiling as the pay-per-view came to a close, as the new OWF Champion stood proudly in the ring.


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