02/27/2017 OWF Event #111

OWF Event #111
February 27, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with the new OWF Champion Deshaun Reed along with his manager Michael Graham. They instructed everyone to look at the giant screen on the entrance. We were shown clips of Deshaun winning the OWF Title at OWF We Earned This.

Reed noted that people are saying that the OWF is in the beginning of a new era. Deshaun said that was right, and he was leading the new era.

Zoey Kiehl vs Caitlin Cruz
Zoey Kiehl had some fire behind her. Most likely with the brawling back and forth with Jaqueline Aulstrike. Zoey pinned Caitlin after hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb.

After the match Jaqueline Aulstrike stormed the ring, nearly turning Zoey inside out with a clothesline. Jaqueline then tossed Zoey out of the ring and left ringside.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with the new OWF Network Champion JJ Perry. Perry spoke about defeating Malakai for the OWF Network Title on Saturday, and he thanked God for giving him the power to win the match.

Lafter vs Edgar O’Sullivan
Edgar was ready to put up a great effort to defeat Lafter. But the match barely got started. As Lafter gained the upperhand, Hunter Chase rushed the ring and flattened Lafter with a spear. He tossed the clown to the outside and followed him out. Then, as a sort of revenge for what Lafter and Lullaby did to Izzy Laroo at OWF We Earned This, Hunter planted Lafter with a piledriver on the arena floor.

The scene cut backstage to the new OWF Women’s Champion Juno Frost walking with her two new teammates Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson

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Cosmic Cupcake vs Carrie Kilgore
These two women have had some great matches. This was another really good one. Carrie hit a brainbuster that seemed to get her the victory, but Cupcake kicked out. Cupcake fought back and hit the Sliced Bread #2 for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Zoey Kiehl was speaking to Duncan Wright. She asked if she could face off against Jaqueline Aulstrike next week at OWF #112. Duncan granted Zoey’s request, saying he absolutely understood where she was coming from. He wished her luck.

Non-Title Match
Population Control vs Malakai & Trey Hawkins

Malakai and Trey attempted to use their speed to slow Population Control down, but Zeke and Able were two strong and powerful. Zeke planted Trey with a big powerslam and pinned him for the three count.

In the Ring
The new OWF Women’s Champion Juno Frost came out with Dahlia and Rosie behind her. The two held the ropes for her as she climbed into the ring. Juno received a microphone from Dahlia and began to talk. She talked about how she stepped into OWF We Earned This knowing she would leave the new Women’s Champion. She also noted that no future or former champion would ever be able to compare.

However Juno was interrupted by the brand new OWF Hall of Famer Katrina. Katrina told Juno that if she felt like giving herself a challenge, that Katrina was ready to pin the champ’s shoulders to the mat. Juno laughed at Katrina’s challenge. But Duncan Wright came out and announced that the two would face off next week, and if Katrina could pin Juno, she would earn herself a shot at the OWF Women’s Title.

Triple Threat Match
Lanie Robinson vs Amber Moxley vs Jasmin

A surprisingly hard hitting match. Jasmin was eliminated first by Lanie Robinson with the Black Widow. Lanie and Amber hooked up putting on a great show for the Cincinnati crowd. Amber planted Lanie with the Burning Hammer and got the three count.

After the match her tag team partner Kimber Stiles came out with the OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles in her hands. Kimber congratulated Amber as the show came to an end.


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