04/24/2017 OWF Event #118

OWF Event #118
April 24, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with the Commissioner of the OWF Duncan Wright. Wright welcomed everyone to the show. He promised a show filled with a bunch of great matches, but also made the announcement that on May 8th that the OWF would present OWF #120. He said that at OWF #120 that every single OWF Championship would be defended!

Duncan continued, talking about the future of the OWF and how he was proud to announce the newest members of the OWF Training Center. They were all sitting at ringside and stood as he called their names. He introduced Curtis Rowe, Eddie Miles, Jake Peterson, Roddy Michaels and Becky Fawler. The crowd cheered the new trainees as they stood enjoying their moment in the front row.

Travis Graye vs Tadashi Akawa
A back and forth, action packed match. Tadashi hit a couple awesome kicks and a snap German suplex that got him a close two count. But Travis Graye fought back, hitting a series of big suplexes, a neckbreaker and the Angel’s Wings for the three count.

Rebelle Graye vs Lisa Ann Graves
Another action packed match, with Rebelle Graye showing tremendous fight, and hitting the Curb Stomp for the pin.

This Sunday Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up, live from Orlando, Florida. Daniel Matthews will defend the FFP World Title in a Cage Match against Odell Porter, and much more! Don’t miss any of the action from FFP’s annual April pay-per-view next month!

Lullaby Banned from Ringside
Hunter Chase vs Lafter

Hunter Chase was angry. And Lafter was…well, Lafter. The mind games hadn’t stopped even without Lullaby at ringside. Lafter twice made reference to Izzy, which set Hunter off. Chase easily could have made the cover after planting Lafter with a piledriver, but Izzy Laroo stumbled out from behind the entrance curtain. Hunter couldn’t believe it. He walked to the edge of the ring, seeing her with a faint clown smile still painted on her face. She wasn’t very coherent.

As Hunter began climbing out of the ring, Lafter hit him hard with a running knee to the back. He quickly slammed Hunter to the mat with a neckbreaker and pinned him.

Lafter then quickly rolled out of the ring. He scooped Izzy up onto his shoulder and disappeared backstage.


Juno Frost & DARE vs Zoey Kiehl, Kimber Stiles & Amber Moxley
Another match filled with animosity. Zoey Kiehl had had enough and was ready to get her hands on Juno Frost. Meanwhile, the OWF Women’s Tag Champions were more than happy to take DARE down.

Zoey didn’t get her wish, rarely getting into the ring with Juno. Dahlia and Rosie were quick to tag in so that Zoey didn’t get a chance to put a beat down on the OWF Women’s Champion.

Late in the match it looked as if Dahlia would get the pin on Kimber Stiles after a Fisherman Brainbuster, but Kimber kicked out and tagged in Amber Moxley. Amber was able to plant Dahlia with the Burning Hammer for the pin.

After the match Juno and Rosie grabbed Dahlia and retreated. Zoey and the OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions stood proudly in the ring.

May 28 Full Force Pro will present Guilty Pleasures. For the past few years, Guilty Pleasures has been the exclusive all-women pay-per-view of Full Force Pro. FFP will continue this tradition in 2017, featuring the best woman wrestlers on this planet. Whether you see it live in San Diego, or watch it on the FFP Network, you won’t want to miss it!

Non-Title Match
Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Trey Hawkins

Another action packed match as both Deshaun Reed and Trey Hawkins were two of the most athletic wrestlers in the OWF, and possibly FFP.

Trey Hawkins hit an impressive string of moves, including a missile dropkick, a spinning back suplex, three consecutive snap suplexes ala Eddie Guerrero and a 450 Splash. But when Trey took Deshaun to the top rope for a superplex, things didn’t go as planned. Deshaun connected with an extremely dangerous Deshaun Driller off the top for the three count.

OWF Network Title
(c) JJ Perry vs Edgar O’Sullivan

The crowd seemed split in this match. Both men had tons of crowd support. The first big move was a Superkick from the reigning Network Champion, followed by a German suplex, and a leg lariat, but Edgar kicked out at two.

JJ then turned to mat wrestling, but it could have been a big mistake. O’Sullivan was not a slouch when it came to mat wrestling. He eventually gained the advantage and did a lot of damage to Perry’s left knee. JJ began to fight back, but O’Sullivan hit a dropkick to the bad knee. The challenger continued targeting the knee, bound and determined to leave OWF #188 the new Network Champion.

He fought Perry down, locking him in the STF. Perry was in a great deal of pain, but was able to escape the hold. Sullivan went for a takedown, but Perry dodged and hit another Superkick. He went to the middle turnbuckle, but O’Sullivan hit him with a running back elbow to the knee. JJ fell to the mat holding his knee. Next, Edgar pulled Perry up and went for a Tiger Bomb. But the Network Champion reversed into a hurricanrana. Edgar tried to get back up quickly to stay on top of the champ, but Perry caught him and planted him to the mat with the Bloody Sunday. JJ then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! JJ Perry was still your OWF Network Champion.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Hunter Chase had laid Lafter out from behind with a steel chair. Chase had snapped. Destroying Lafter with several chairshots until finally OWF security arrived and pulled Hunter away.


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