OWF 120 Preview

Tomorrow night is the 120th event of the FFP’s developmental territory the Ohio Wrestling Federation. And we know that it will be one history making event, as the Commissioner of the OWF Duncan Wright announced that every OWF Title will be defended.

This epic event will be held at the OWF’s home, the OWF Arena in Cincinnati. Thousands of OWF faithful will be in the house to see the show, however the day will be way different than any other.

The day will begin at noon, when OWF superstars and trainees will be a part of a big meet and greet with all the OWF fans. And this meet and greet will be absolutely free to the general public!

After the meet and greet fans will be able to watch as the OWF Training Class will take part in a public training sessions run by the OWF head trainers Duncan Wright and Christi Carter, as well as guest trainer the HONOR Wrestling World Champion Matt Kraven.

Now let’s take a look at the card.

The OWF Champion Deshaun Reed will put his title on the line against OWF rookie Nick Novak. The two had an altercation last week that led to this announcement. This is the first time that a rookie had received a shot at the OWF Title.

Juno Frost will defend her OWF Women’s Title in a triple threat match against former champion Chloe Banks and arguably the most popular OWF woman wrestler Zoey Kiehl. Juno is in for a tough challenge against these two women, but we are sure she will have her protégés Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson in her corner.

JJ Perry will defend the OWF Network Championship tomorrow night against Travis Graye. Travis debuted in the OWF a few weeks ago and had a nice winning streak going.

Currently we do not know who will challenge Population Control for their OWF Tag Team Titles, but this team has arguably been the most dominant that the OWF has ever seen.

Amber Moxley and Kimber Stiles will also be in the house to defend the OWF Women’s Tag Team Titles. The women’s tag team division has been growing as of late. Tomorrow night they’ll put the Women’s Tag Titles on the line against the Japanese tag team Hisoka Nadeshiko and Kanako Shintani.

We also understand that Malaya Diyosa and SHI Mega will be in the house, OWF rookie Jessie Axel will be in action, and Hunter Chase will look to get his hands on Lafter once again.


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