09/11/2017 OWF Event #131

OWF Event #131
September 11, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up showing several FFP superstars sitting at ringside to watch the show. FFP’s Tuesday Night Wrestling would also be taking place in Cincinnati so many of the superstars were taking in OWF #131. Amy Kraven, her cousin Lizzy and the FFP Television Champion Gregory Hart were sitting together in the front row.

Quest for the Contender Tournament
Nick Novak vs Tyreek Hyde

Both wrestlers hit some big impact moves. Nick Novak went to the top many times while Hyde attempted to use technical moves to ground the high flyer. Hyde hit a big spinebuster that took the air out of Novak. He followed it up with a DDT for a two count. The match raged on, with the crowd being split on who they wanted to see win. Tyreek got Nick up in the air for a devastating stalling Brainbuster that won him the match by pin.

Amber Moxley vs Kanako Shintani
A very stiff and hard hitting match that made the Cincinnati fans both cheer and grimace in pain. Kanako hit a shining wizard followed by a dragon suplex for a two count. Moxley fought back, leveling her opponent with a Lariat. Amber went for a splash off the top, but Kanako got her knees up. She then hit Amber with a Tiger Suplex for the three count.

After the match Amber put her hand out, expecting a handshake this time around. But like the last time, Kanako refused and walked away.

Quest for the Contender Tournament
Edgar O’Sullivan vs Kade Haddix

A match with many close two counts. The Cincinnati crowd was very into the match. Sullivan looked good, hitting a Fisherman suplex off the middle rope and trapping Kade in a Sharpshooter. But Haddix fought back, hitting a springboard forearm and then the Flatliner for the pin.

The scene cut backstage to Francine Davis who was standing by with the OWF Champion Deshaun Reed. She spoke about how the finals of the Quest for the Contender Tournament was set, and asked who he’s rather face, Tyreek Hyde or Kade Haddix. Deshaun said that he respected the efforts of both men, and knew that either way would be a hell of a match and a great challenge. He wished both men good luck. Francine then asked Deshaun about his change in attitude and asked about the absence of his manager Michael Graham. Deshaun said that Michael and him had some disagreements on his future and they decided to part ways.

OWF Network Title
(c) JJ Perry vs Lafter w/ Carnival Horror Story

JJ Perry showed off a lot of athleticism. At times Lafter kept the match close, mostly with the help of the Carnival Horror Story. But Hunter Chase ended up on the ring apron in time for Perry to reverse an Irish whip, causing Lafter and Hunter to collide. Perry then hit the Bloody Sunday for the win.

After the match Lafter made Hunter get into the ring and scolded him. Hunter stood tall to Lafter but eventually backed down, and walked behind the group as they left ringside.


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