09/18/2017 OWF Event #132

OWF Event #132
September 18, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with a recap of the entire Quest for the Contender Tournament. Tonight would be the finals, Tyreek Hyde vs Kade Haddix. Who would win, and go on to challenge Deshaun Reed for the OWF Title?

Dexter Murdoch vs Giggle
A very physical match showcasing brute power. Dexter Murdoch pulled off the victory with a huge running powerslam.

Lullaby w/ Carnival Horror Story vs Courtney Kennedy
Lullaby has a very unorthodox style while Courtney Kennedy is a technical high flyer. Kennedy had the upperhand, but Lullaby hit a hellacious clothesline that turned the tide. Lullaby then applied her finisher the Death Stare (the mandible claw) and got the victory when Kennedy went unconscious.

Dixon Boys vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Rex
Another physical match. The Dixon Boys surely wanted to prove not only that they deserved another shot at the OWF Tag Team Titles, but that they deserved to be called up. However, on this night Detmer and Rex were the better team, hitting a running Powerbomb into lung blower combo on Tucker Dixon for the victory.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where the Carnival Horror Story was making their macabre entrance. Lafter took the microphone and said that tonight a sacrifice needed to be made. Then he looked over and grabbed Izzy Laroo by her blonde hair. She let out a scream for only a second. Hunter Chase, who seemed to be in turmoil with the group, seemed to want to jump in and make the save. But instead, Lafter handed him over to Hunter and demanded Hunter deliver a piledriver. Chase looked shocked. The group’s big man Giggle stepped up, obviously ready to beat Hunter down if he didn’t obey Lafter. Hunter sadly looked into Izzy’s eyes, although Izzy still didn’t look to be all there. But he released Izzy and immediately went after Lafter. Giggle grabbed Hunter and proceeded to slam him to the mat. He held him down while Lafter scolded him and repeatedly kicked him. Lullaby led Izzy out of the ring as Lafter followed. Giggle picked Hunter up and delivered a monstrous clothesline before leaving the ring. Apparently Hunter Chase had officially been kicked out of the Carnival Horror Story.

Erika Storm vs Kimber Stiles
A technical match that showcased both of these women’s wrestling abilities. Storm had the strength advantage, and although Stiles seemed to be better at the technical wrestling, Erika hit the Spear for the three count.

Quest for the Contender Tournament Final
Tyreek Hyde vs Kade Haddix

A back and forth match that had the Cincinnati crowd on their feet constantly. Tyreek hit a couple overhead belly to belly suplexes and a German suplex that looked like it would be the end for Kade. But when Tyreek went for another German suplex Kade reversed into a Crippler Crossface. And with the hold locked in in the center of the ring, Tyreek tapped out. Kade Haddix had won the Quest for the Contender Tournament, and would go on to challenge Deshaun Reed for the OWF Title!


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