09/25/2017 OWF Event #133

OWF Event #133
September 25, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with a recap of the match between Deshaun Reed and Kade Haddix from Tokyo, and Kade Haddix becoming the new OWF Champion.

Then, the scene cut to ringside. Hunter Chase was in the ring, demanding that the Carnival Horror Story finally hand Izzy Laroo over. He begged, saying he would fight the whole group.

The lights in the arena went out and on the giant screen was Lafter, holding Izzy by her hair. He laughed at Hunter’s request, saying that if he wanted to fight the entire group, that that is exactly what he would have to do. Hunter said if that meant getting her away from the creepy clowns, he would fight and defeat them all.

Courtney Kennedy vs Kimber Stiles
An entertaining fast paced match. Courtney Kennedy hit a sweet tiger suplex from the middle rope for a close two count. She missed a top rope leg drop which led to Kimber hitting the Curb Stomp for the victory.

The scene cut backstage where Hunter was storming through the backstage area, screaming for Lafter to come out and get him. Finally, Lafter appeared. He said that next week he would give Hunter the chance to have Izzy back.

OWF Tag Team Title Match
(c) Population Control vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Rex

The OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control showed off their dominance early, tossing both Detmer and Rex around the ring. Detmer and Rex however put up quite a fight. Probably the most Population Control has ever faced. But when Able hit Jackson with a running Powerbomb, it was all over. 1, 2, 3.

#1 Contender Match
Erika Storm vs Lullaby w/ Carnival Horror Story

Another back and forth match. The Cincinnati fans were obviously solidly behind Erika, although a match between Lullaby and Zoey Kiehl for the title was intriguing. Lafter relies on her unorthodox style to catch Erika off guard. But Storm had the experience to wrestle the match how she wanted.

Erika went for a Powerbomb off the top rope after stopping what looked to be a Lullaby moonsault. However, Lullaby reversed the attempt into a frankensteiner. Lullaby then caught Erika with her Death Stare mandible claw finisher. Erika fought to get out of the hold, but as Lullaby stared into her eyes, Storm faded, passing out. Lullaby had won the match, and would be next to challenge Zoey Kiehl for the OWF Women’s Title.

OWF Network Title
(c) JJ Perry vs Nick Novak

A very good match. A lot of technical Wrestling. A lot of high flying. A lot of psychology. Nick Novak went up top first, hitting a beautiful missile dropkick. He followed up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that really took the wind out of the sails of JJ Perry.

Although the two had a lot of respect for each other, Perry and Novak did get physical, trading several hard shots. JJ got the best of the exchange, knocking Nick down with a kick to the head, then rocking him with a shining wizard.

The Cincinnati fans loved it. The physicality. The athleticism. They didn’t know who they wanted to win more.

As the crowd cheered the two competitors on, there was some commotion in the crowd. It was wrestlers from 3XW! Led by their owner Priscilla St James.

Once people figured out what was going on, the crowd began throwing trash at them. JJ and Nick stopped dead in their tracks, knowing that obviously they would have to wrestle again on another day. The 3XW Champion Ricky Fitzpatrick and the 3XW Tag Champs Matt and Billy Rich quickly slid into the ring. With Priscilla on the outside cheering them on, alongside 3XW women Anna Minster and Piper Jax, Ricky and the Rich Brothers took JJ and Nick down. They pummeled the OWF wrestlers to the mat and showed no mercy, hitting them with their titles.

Eventually OWF security rushed to the scene, but found themselves victims of beltshots to the head as well. Finally OWF wrestlers started rushing to the ring. Travis Graye, the Dixon Boys, Edgar O’Sullivan and Erika Storm got to ringside ready for a fight. But 3XW retreated, cutting back through the crowd to make their escape. They had ruined the OWF #133 main event, and again proved that they wanted war, and would attack OWF wrestlers to get that war.


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