10/09/2017 OWF Event #135

OWF Event #135
October 9, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with clips from OWF’s past. Past title changes, great matches, etc. Then the scene cut to the OWF arena, filled with OWF fans chanting.

OWF Network Title
(c) JJ Perry vs Nick Novak

A back and forth match with both men trying to gain the upperhand. Nick used his speed and went for high impact and high flying maneuvers as JJ Perry attempted to wear Novak down and wrestle the match in a more traditional technical way. Perry set Nick up for the Bloody Sunday, but Novak escaped and hit a Superkick. He went to the top rope and attempted a flying leg drop, but Perry moved out of the way. Perry then planted Novak with the Bloody Sunday. The champion made the cover, but Nick kicked out at two.

JJ pulled Nick up and went for another Bloody Sunday, but Nick again escaped and rolled JJ up for a two count. JJ quickly got back up, but Nick hooked Perry and drilled him with the Super Novak. He made the cover, but JJ got his shoulder up just before the three count. Nick couldn’t believe it. He climbed to the top rope, and as the Cincinnati fans cheered both men on, Novak hit a 450 Splash. He hooked the champion’s leg, and this time got the three count! Nick Novak was the new OWF Network Champion.

After the match Novak helped JJ up. Perry took ahold of the Network Title from the referee and presented it to Novak. The two men embraced. Perry then rolled out of the ring, letting Nick have his moment. The crowd chanted “Thank you JJ”.

The scene cut backstage to Francine Davis who was interviewing Roxi Haacke. Haacke said that she would like a chance at the winner of Zoey Kiehl and Lullaby, wanting to prove that she deserves a shot at the OWF Women’s Title. This brought Kimber Stiles into the picture, wanting a chance at the title as well. Finally, this brought in Amber Moxley, who also wanted to prove herself. Then, Duncan Wright arrived, announcing that the three could have a triple threat match next week at OWF #136, with the winner earning the right to challenge the winner of Zoey vs Lullaby, for the OWF Women’s Title.

Anything Goes Match
Hunter Chase vs Lafter w/ Carnival Horror Story

This was an absolute war. And a crazy and wild match. Lafter had the advantage, beating Hunter down and relying on the Carnival Horror Story (mainly Giggle) to interfere. Chase got a hold of a Singapore cane and finally evened the odds by destroying Giggle with it. He turned his attention to Lafter, but took a couple cane shots before using Fuji salt to blind Hunter. Lafter then pulled out a table covered in fluorescent light bulbs. Lafter set Hunter up for a move through the table, but Hunter gained control, clotheslining Lafter over the top, then hitting hit him with a tope suicida.

Hunter sent Lafter back into the ring, and grabbed a chair. For a moment he locked eyes with Izzy Laroo. The girl he was fighting to get back. She was sitting on a chair, looking out of it.

Hunter went back into the ring, armed with the chair, but Lafter was able to kick the chair into his face. Lafter then planted Hunter with a DDT on the chair. Lafter reigned down fists on Hunter’s face before locking him in his finisher, the Crippler Crossface. Hunter reached out for the ropes, although a rope break wouldn’t do anything for him. Eventually, he was able to roll Lafter over and escape. They both got back up, but Hunter nailed Lafter with a knee to the jaw, flooring the evil clown. He turned to the crowd and pointed to the table covered in light bulbs. He pulled Lafter up, but Lullaby entered the ring and spit green mist into Hunter’s eyes. Hunter released Lafter and stumbled back. As Lafter stood, Hunter charged. He went for a clothesline, but Lafter ducked and Hunter inadvertently hit Lullaby. She hit the mat hard and rolled out of the ring.

Hunter turned back around to be leveled with a spinning clothesline. Lafter then pulled Hunter up, again looking to do a move through the table. But as he set Hunter up, Izzy Laroo rose to her feet. She climbed into the ring, still looking out of it. Lafter noticed, and turned to her. Then he smiled, handing Hunter over to her. What would she do to him?

She looked into Hunter’s eyes. Then she turned to Lafter, and delivered a brutal kick to the groin. Lafter dropped to his knees, obviously in a tremendous amount of pain. Izzy then, impressively hoisted Lafter up and and delivered a Powerbomb through the light bulb covered table. The pop of the bulbs echoed through the arena. Izzy then helped Hunter up, who quickly made the cover. The referee made the count, and Hunter Chase got the victory! He was reunited with Izzy Laroo! Izzy dropped to her knees in front of Hunter. And with tears in her eyes, she wrapped him in a hug, thanking him for fighting for months to get her away from the Carnival Horror Story.

OWF Title
(c) Kade Haddix vs Deshaun Reed

The match got off to a fast and nearly shocking start, as Deshaun Reed got the quick upperhand and planted Kade with the Deshaun Driller. He rolled the OWF Champion and hooked his leg, but got a two count. He couldn’t believe it. He thought that he had regained the OWF Title in record time. But the match continued.

Reed continued working Kade down, but Haddix fought back, eventually gaining he upperhand and leveling Deshaun with a lariat that sent the former champion flipping backwards in the air. Kade followed up with a running dropkick to the head, and a dangerous high angle back suplex. Kade set Deshaun up for the Flatliner, but Deshaun hit a couple elbows to the skull to escape. Then he hit a roaring elbow. He pulled Haddix up and went for the Deshaun Driller again, but this time Kade fought out and hit a step up kick to the side of the skull. He then quickly dumped Deshaun over with a German suplex. Haddix quickly pulled reed back up and hit the Flatliner. Then, Kade made the cover and got the three count.

Kade celebrated with the title as his music played. As the Cincinnati crowd cheered, Deshaun got up and congratulated Kade. The two exchanged handshakes and embraces. Then Kade was left in the center of the ring with the OWF Championship.


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