We Aren’t Going Anywhere

There has been a lot of talk about the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Probably because we haven’t put on a show since October 9th. A really fun show, that saw Nick Novak defeat JJ Perry to end JJ’s 226 day OWF Network Title reign. As some of you have heard, Nick has left our promotion, and the Network Title as been vacated (as of November 1). But, Nick leaving wasn’t the reason that the OWF hasn’t put on a show for nearly a month and half. And honestly, if we tell you the reason that we haven’t put on a show for that long, it would probably bore you. So, just know, we haven’t went anywhere! The OWF is still right here in Cincinnati, Ohio, ready to entertain you, the fans!

And to prove it, we’ve made some changes!

We called up a couple of young up-and-comers from the OWF Training Center. You will be introduced to them soon in the squared circle. But if you want to get a head start, check out the Roster page. The two call ups were young and cocky Eddie Miles, and rough and tough all-arounder Roddy Michaels. We’ve also brought in a couple new women to the fold. The duo goes by Unattainable. The team is made up of Beth Tilly and Sophia Ishmael, both from Australia.

And in one of the biggest moves we made, we brought FFP’s own Kyle Donovan into the OWF. Kyle was on the main roster, but wasn’t showcasing the skills that he possesses in a way that he was happy with. So he will now be in Cincinnati, and will most likely have his eye on the OWF Championship.

Speaking of the OWF Championship. Soon, Kade Haddix will be defending the championship, but the question is against who? (or is it whom?)?

Stay tuned, because the OWF isn’t going anywhere,  and we will continue to entertain you, and showcase the massive amount of talent we have here in FFP’s developmental territory.


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