OWF Resurgence – Coming Live April 7th!

That’s right! The Ohio Wrestling Federation is coming back! And this time with an amazing event called OWF Resurgence. Resurgence will come to you live on Saturday April 7th beginning at 7:00 pm Eastern time, from the home of the OWF, Cincinnati, Ohio!

With OWF’s return (or should we keep saying Resurgence…) quite a few things have been left with question marks. Who is on the roster? Why are all the titles vacant except the OWF Tag Team Titles? Why are the Women’s Tag Titles missing? And how will we crown new champions?

Well here are your answers…

Kade Haddix and Zoey Kiehl have been moved up to the main roster of Full Force Pro. So has one half of the former Women’s Tag Team Champions, Hisoka Li, leaving Kanako Shintani here in the OWF still. We didn’t have enough women to continue with a Women’s Tag Title, so we decided that the women’s main focus should be the OWF Women’s Championship.

The only champions still here are the reigning OWF Tag Team Champions Population Control, who have had the titles for nearly 500 days! they have decided that they want to continue their reign of dominance in the Ohio Wrestling Federation.

Currently our roster is still a work, but continue monitoring the website to see who just might show up on the roster.

And finally, how will we crown new champions? Well, at Resurgence we will begin an 8-Man Tournament for the OWF Championship, as well as an 8-Woman Tournament for the OWF Women’s Championship. The OWF Network Title will be determined at another time.

So there you go. We answered all of your questions. And now, just make sure to not miss OWF Resurgence April 7th!


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