04/07/2018 OWF Resurgence

Date: April 7, 2018
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Brian Young
Duncan Wright
Veronica Clyne

The show started off with clips from all the past Ohio Wrestling Federation events. Showing the likes of Amy Kraven, ATM, Malakai, Hayden Flowers, Aubrey Moresi, Blaine Edwards and more. Then the scene cut to the arena, where pyro went off as the fans in Cincinnati, Ohio went crazy.

Brian Young, Duncan Wright and Veronica Clyne were at ringside to do commentary for the night.

Addison Steele vs Paisley Robins
An excellent match between two young stars just signed to the OWF. Both women showed their athleticism, their awesome wrestling ability and their toughness. The Cincinnati crowd seemed split as both women hit some innovative and impactful offensive moves. Addison Steele hit a turnbuckle powerbomb for a close two count. Paisley battled back, hitting a neckbreaker and a missile dropkick, followed by a German suplex for a two count. Addison showed off her power, hitting a Goldberg-esque Jackhammer, but Paisley was again able to kick out at two. Addison then pulled Paisley up and went for her finisher, the Olympic Slam, but Paisley countered into a swinging DDT. Paisley then hit a running big boot for the three count.

After the match the two women shook hands. The crowd cheered for both ladies.

Gabriel Nunez w/ Luciana Nunez vs Roddy Michaels
In this one we finally saw the OWF debut of the brother/sister duo of Gabriel and Luciana Nunez. Roddy Michaels had trained long and hard in the OWF Training Center, but Gabriel had master his wrestling skills in Mexico, winning multiple titles in his homeland. Michaels showed off his brawling skills, but Nunez wrestled Roddy down, working him down and eventually hitting a slingshot DDT for the three count.

After the match Luciana joined her brother in the ring, wrapping him in a big hug after his victory.

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Kanako Shintani vs Rebecca Northcutt
Yet another OWF debut as Rebecca Northcutt made her debut in front of the Cincinnati crowd. Kanako was definitely no push over, showing off her speed, her technical wrestling and her high flying. After a Michinoku Driver, it seemed like the redhead was done for sure. But Northcutt kicked out at two. She battled back, rocking Shintani with awesome European uppercuts and a huge lariat. Rebecca then pulled Kanako up and scooped her onto her shoulders. It looked as if Rebecca was going for a Death Valley Driver. But Kanako raked the newcomer’s eyes and slipped down behind her. Shintani then hit the Killswitch for the three count.

The scene cut backstage to the new lead trainer of the OWF, Daniel Matthews. Matthews said that tonight he had had a meeting with Amanda and Matt Kraven, and they decided to also name Daniel the Commissioner of the OWF. Daniel said that he had a lot of great things in mind for the OWF and he couldn’t wait to get to work as the Commissioner of the federation as well.

OWF Title | Tournament Final
Tyreek Hyde vs Kyle Donovan
Another back and forth match. Tyreek Hyde and Kyle Donovan had both spent quite a bit of time in the OWF, and were ready to be the flag barer for the federation. Kyle Donovan rocked Tyreek early, hitting some stiff strikes before spiking him to the mat with a DDT. Donovan hit a couple of stomps, then planted Tyreek with a piledriver. It had to be over. But Hyde kicked out just before the three count. The match continued, with both men trading big move after big move. The Cincinnati fans loved it, and were solidly behind Tyreek Hyde. Tyreek hit an Alabama slam for a two count. And followed it up with a spinebuster that would have made Arn Anderson smile. Hyde then came off the middle rope, dropping a leg across Donovan’s chest. Tyreek went for another cover, but Kyle reversed by hooking Tyreek’s arm and locking on an armbar. Hyde fought and fought, and eventually got to the ropes. Kyle broke the hold, but then rolled Hyde up, grabbing a hold of the tights and pulling them for extra leverage. The referee didn’t catch it, but Tyreek was still able to kick out at two.

Kyle got up and argued with the referee, not believing Hyde was able to kick out. Kyle turned back toward Tyreek, but Hyde hit him hard with a running knee strike. Tyreek then proceeded to hit a Cobra Clutch Suplex. Hyde made the cover, but Kyle was able to kick out just before the three count. Hyde then pulled Kyle up once more, and hit him with his finisher the Tiger Driver. Tyreek made another cover. 1…2…3! Tyreek Hyde was the new OWF Champion!

Tyreek was handed the OWF Championship. He held it proudly into the air. But Kyle Donovan was quick to sneak attack the new champion, taking his leg out with a chop block. Donovan then pummeled Tyreek down with a kicks and stomps before storming away from the ring.

On April 29, 2018 from Austin, Texas Full Force Pro will present it premier edition of it’s new April pay-per-view FFP Devastation. Already scheduled is Amy Kraven defending the FFP Women’s World Championship in a handicap match against Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke. And also just added, Noel Zelig vs Anna Minster in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for the FFP Ironwoman Title. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

OWF Women’s Title | Tournament Final
Kimber Stiles vs Amber Moxley
These two former tag team partners faced off. Obviously with all of the time spent together, they knew quite a bit about the other’s gameplan. Counter after counter, the Cincinnati crowd loved every minute of it. Early on in the match the crowd began chanting “this is awesome”. Amber Moxley hit a codebreaker early for a two count. She followed up with a back breaker, a bulldog from the middle rope and a spinning clothesline. Amber went for a powerbomb, but Kimber was able to go over Amber, landing on her feet behind her. Moxley turned around in time to get hit with a STO. Kimber went for the cover and got a two count.

Stiles stepped back, setting Amber up for her finisher, the Curb Stomp. But Amber was able to dodge and scoop Kimber up onto her shoulders. Moxley proceeded to hit her finisher, the Burning Hammer. Moxley made the cover. 1…2… and Kimber got her foot on the rope. Just in time. Amber couldn’t believe it. Moxley pulled Kimber up, setting her up for another Burning Hammer. But this time Kimber went behind Amber and took her down by violently whipping her to the ground by her hair. Amber’s head smacked the mat hard. Kimber then proceeded to hit the Curb Stomp. But she wasn’t done. She backed up, waiting for Amber to move again. As Moxley tried to fight back up, Kimber spiked her face to the mat once more with another Curb Stomp. Stiles then made the cover. 1…2…3! Kimber Stiles was the new OWF Women’s Champion!

After the match Kimber stood over Amber’s body holding the title proudly in the air. The Cincinnati crowd booed as Kimber then climbed out of the ring and walked up the ramp with the title held high in the air.


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