OWF Women’s Title History

OWF Women’s Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Juno Frost: 184 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion Malaya Diyosa: 1 Day
Most Times as Champion Amy, Jo Messi, Malaya: 2 Times


OWF Women’s Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
07/26/15 Katrina Connelly Ladder Match Cincinnati, OH 35 days
08/30/15 Jo Messi Katrina Connelly Cincinnati, OH 20 days
09/19/15 Malaya Diyosa Jo Messi Cincinnati, OH 1 day
09/20/15 Jo Messi Malaya Diyosa Mexico City, Mexico 8 days
09/27/15 Malaya Diyosa Jo Messi Cincinnati, OH 49 days
11/15/15 Ava Miller Malaya Diyosa Las Vegas, NV 56 days
01/10/16 Erin Spencer Ava Miller Chicago, IL 46 days
02/25/16 Giovanni Gotch Erin Spencer Orlando, FL 94 days
05/29/16 Amy Kraven Giovanni Gotch Dallas, TX 36 days
07/04/16 Dani Rawlings Amy Kraven Cincinnati, OH 57 days
08/29/16 Amy Kraven Dani Rawlings Cincinnati, OH 15 days
09/12/16 Chloe Banks Amy Kraven Cincinnati, OH 91 days
12/12/16 Fiona Burke Chloe Banks Cincinnati, OH 75 days
02/25/17 Juno Frost Fiona Burke Cincinnati, OH 184 days
08/28/17 Zoey Kiehl Juno Frost Cincinnati, OH 95 days
12/01/2017 Title Vacated n/a n/a
04/07/18 Kimber Stiles Amber Moxley Cincinnati, OH

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