11/23/2016 OWF Event #97

OWF Event #97
November 23, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

(Due to a power outage at the OWF Arena, OWF #97 did not take place on Monday night, but was moved to this special Wednesday night time slot.)

The show opened up with FFP superstar Fiona Burke, who was making a special appearance at the OWF. Fiona got a huge reaction from the Cincinnati crowd. she thanked them for the ovation and hyped up the great action that they would see right here tonight at OWF #97. However, Fiona was cut short by the OWF Women’s Champion Chloe Banks. Banks accused Fiona of coming down to the OWF because she just couldn’t get it done in the FFP.

Fiona corrected Chloe, saying that she was here to see a great show, but Chloe interrupted, saying that Fiona wasn’t good enough to be in the FFP and quite frankly wasn’t even good enough to get the job done here in the OWF. Fiona took exception, and gave Chloe a good slap across the face. Banks stumbled back and fell into a seated position, dropping the belt by her side and holding her cheek.

Fiona yelled at Chloe, then turned to leave the ring. But Chloe quickly got to her feet and hit Fiona with a hard clothesline to the upperback, sending her falling through the ring ropes and falling to the arena floor. Chloe followed Fiona outside, pummeling her with fists. OWF security quickly rushed to ringside to pull Chloe away from Fiona.

Lanie Robinson & Jasmin vs Cosmic Cupcake & Caitlin Cruz
A fast paced match that saw Lanie Robinson and Jasmin get another victory under their belts.

Francine Davis caught up with Roxi Haacke, talking to her about her rivalry with Zoey Kiehl. Roxi said that her rivalry started with Zoey because everyone seemed to think she was the next big thing in the Women’s Division of the OWF, but Roxi begged to differ. Roxi then challenged Zoey to a match at OWF #100 to prove she was the best wrestler, and soon to be OWF Women’s Champion.

Triple Threat Match
Edgar O’Sullivan vs Jeremiah Dixon vs Tadashi Akawa

Jeremiah Dixon was the first eliminated by Edgar O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan and Akawa locked horns. It was a great battle. Tadashi got the three count on Edgar after the Michinoku Driver.

The scene cut backstage where Matt Kraven was actually in the building. Kraven was seen speaking with the newcomers to FFP and the OWF, Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope.

Jackie Royal vs Juno Frost
A very good match that showed both women’s technical wrestling skills. Juno caught Jackie in her finisher, Frost Bite, but Jackie turned the move into a small package and held it for the three count.

The scene cuts to Austin Briggs who is backstage. Briggs makes the announcement that after speaking with Fiona Burke as well as Veronica Clyne, he has decided that at OWF #100 that Chloe Banks would defend her OWF Women’s Championship against the woman she attacked tonight, Fiona Burke! The scene cut to Chloe’s locker room, and the Women’s Champion was pissed. Throwing things and screaming about the match.

Mateo Chavez vs Trey Hawkins
A very technical match which saw Mateo Chavez keep control for a long part of the match. But Trey Hawkins fought back, hitting his finisher Surfing with the Alien for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was speaking with Hunter Chase about his upcoming OWF #100 match with Lafter, inside a Steel Cage. Hunter talked about how it was the OWF’s first Cage Match and he was looking forward to teaching Lafter a lesson, and beating him inside the steel. As he spoke, the lights began to flicker around him. It seemed to distract Hunter, but he finished his interview and stormed off.

OWF Network Title
(c) Hayden Flowers vs Dakudoragon

Another back and forth and fast paced match for the great crowd in Cincinnati. Dakudoragon came out fast and on fire, hitting all kinds of strikes on Hayden. He softened the champion up and him with a spinning back suplex, followed by a running dropkick and a reverse DDT for a two count. Hayden fought back, hitting a running knee to the gut, a spinning clothesline and a dangerous DDT. Dakudoragon gained control back, hitting a running turnbuckle powerbomb on Hayden, then catching the champion with a hurricanrana off the rebound. Dakudoragon took Hayden up to the top rope where he set him up for his Inverted Top Rope Hurricanrana, but Flowers somehow blocked the attempt. He scooped Dakudoragon up onto his shoulders and hit an awesome Death Valley Driver from the top rope. The champion draped his arm over Dakudoragon’s chest and the referee made the count. 1…2…3!


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